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Sunday, May 29, 2005 

David & Layla and other stuff

A while back it was the topic of kurdish movies, so who rememebers this one

David and Layla

Story synopsis : kurdish girl falls for jewish american in new york. Culture clash gala

I remember when this was going on in a forward a few years back: the newrozfilms site had the script written and asking for ppl to do the roles of leyla,her brother, some gulf businessmman who leyla was supposed to marry.
But I didn't think the movie went through cos' I never heard of it afterwards. And the girl that plays layla is the wife of Dylan McDermott.. very nice!! Not sure where she is from but probably persian according to the name and the story is based on a true story

Not sure where this movie is available but check out the reviews on imdb

Probably has a better chance of being classified as a kurdish film then the others
Mainly cos it's mostly filmed in america and not in countries that are so over-possesive where you can't take a dump in without them claiming its theirs

Hehe though the reactions to Hiner saleem's Kilomete Zero were funny... they went out of their way to classify it as Iraqi (except elaph because they're uber-cool) but
then a week like the same newspapers were like WTF this movie insults what we stand for (cos of its extreme bashing of saddams regime, the middle eastern mentality and the director constantly saying it was a country put together by outside foreign forces).

Anyway this claiming nonsense is done by the same ppl who would go apeshit if i were to say something like divine intervention was an israeli movie. But then oh i forgot one set of rules for themselves and entirely opposite one for the rest of the world. I mean seriously if my zionist-appeasing booosh-loving mentality can see the difference betweeb the two why cant the ever patrioitic truth-loving group see that

Is Iraq really in a place to put out a movie anyway... so far it looks like it's split between ppl who think haircuts are haram (sinful) and another who think chess is
And anyone there with a spot of non-religious creativity has to watch out for himself

PAH i say... its not that i am anti-iraqi or anyhting just asking to put credit where its due.
anyway was checking the comments page and ther ehave been some great movie ideas here that i put in the forum
Also another comment on not letting me add what i want to the template

Saturday, May 28, 2005 


I am happy to announce that Kurdistan Bloggers Union , started its own news site , called KBU NEWS

in the last 2 days that we were testing it, we covered more than 6 news that other Kurdish sites didn't find. The KBU NEWS editorial is Vladimir .

if you want to help us , in this news site please leave a comment on Vladimir's blog
we will love it if you help us in translating Kurdish News such as Peymaner.com or Kurdish Newspapers (from Kurdish to English).

Recently Vladimir has become KBU's right hand and without him we don't have many things , and he is being more Kurd than some of the Kurds . We appreciate it.

I am sure KBU news site will be interesting enough for all who follow middle east news, because Kurdistan News covers Turkey,Iran,Iraq,Syria,Armenia,Azerbaijan ....as well as Kurdistan.
so if you link to it , you wont regret. :)

and also we have added another new section ,KBU Maps,which is Complete collection of Kurdistan Maps .

+ some other new things are comming soon ,so keep on visting KBU and enjoying it.

Friday, May 27, 2005 

Saddam says he would rather be dead than in custody

Saddam Hussein has told his lawyer, Khalil al-Duleimi, that he would prefer to be dead instead of having been arrested. The Arab newspaper Al-Quds al-Arab says he expressed his regret that he did not die a martyr at the moment of his arrest. He is said to have told al-Duleimi during their latest meeting: "If I'd had a rifle at that moment I would be dead or would have killed at least one of the Americans, but fate did not give me the chance."..

The former dictator told his lawyer that the place he was caught was the house of a friend of his in the al-Doura area of Baghdad, where he had been hiding for several days. He also claims that he was arrested because one of his inner circle betrayed him, but he would not identify the person.

"The arrest was made just before sunset, while he was sitting on his prayer mat reading some verses of the Koran and waiting to pray," said the lawyer. "At that moment he heard the voice of the friend he was staying with, saying: "the Americans have come." Immediately afterwards the US troops entered quickly, and - according to Saddam's version of the events - pinned him to the ground straight away, punching him with such force that they broke his hand and left leg and injured his forehead."

Saddam is also said to have confirmed that at no point during his detention had he left Iraq, denying the rumours that they wanted to hold him at the US base in Qatar. The version given by Saddam's lawyer contrasts with that given by US command, according to which the former Iraqi president was arrested in his hometown Tikrit on 13 December 2003, while hiding down an underground hole.

But according to the lion of Kurdistan, Kusrat Rassul Ali this isn't true.[2]
He said
: "We found a bodyguard connected to Saddam Hussein in Tikrit. I gave the lead to the Americans. The bodyguard led them to the hole where the dictator was hiding," Ali said.

"Saddam is a coward. He was armed but he didn’t fight. In any case, I am happy that his sons were killed before his arrest. He is also suffering the pain of a father," Ali said.

What do you think? Should we grant him his wish and kill him? Or let him suffer him some more? I think it's clear

[1]ADNkronos international

Wednesday, May 25, 2005 

One last go...

...before it gets really lame
You gotta love the spin offs made from the saddam thing.. here's one i got as a forward from my dad comparing the pics to a pop video by lebanese popstar nancy ajram. comment at the bottom says "where did this nancy put the towel"

and then i found this in the aliraqi forum the comment next to it says scrub sdayem(nick for saddam maybe) scrub properly

and another thing to remind u that iraq is not like the middle east... these are the congratulatory msgs going about iraq regarding zarqawis injury
this msg here says "congratulations to iraqis for the pig zarqawis injuries and to hell for all these dirty murderers" compare that with the other messages on the website "Forgive and heal our sheikh, the mujahid Abu Musab al-Zarqawi". I don't wanna be picky but the bbc seem to have translated the prayer message to zarqawi but didn't translate the iraqi message. I wonder. Oh yeah and they published the authors name in the text msg, is that allowed?


Kigdom of Heaven

Kingdom of Heaven is a good action movie, very pleasant to watch, with a lot of "arrangements" with the historical truth, as so much as a novel of Dumas, but I've never found it disturbing.
But its success in Arab countries and the interviews of the Syrian actor who plays Saladin set teeth on edge, while Kurds in Syria fight to exist within a state that they did not chose .

" "Everything in Saladin's own life is also my philosophy," says Massoud. "My culture is that of Saladin. My religion is the same religion and I speak the same language, have the same geography and the same history. "
" Saladin was an example for the Muslim hero who returned to Arabs and Muslims their pride and their dignity ".
" I was there to give the West a good image about Islam, about the Arabs, about Saladin - this huge leader," he explains. "They need to make revisions about their information about Arabs and Islam."
In fact, in the movie, we can not see one single Kurdish emir, no more than one Turkish warrior in Saladin's army, though it was mostly composed by Kurds, Turks, and Mamluks of various Caucasian origins... Saladin and his family are shown as pure Arabs...
We can notice that in the Daily Star the words "Kurd, Kurdish" never appear. They need to make revisions about their information about Saladin, Kurds and Islam."

Tuesday, May 24, 2005 

BBC Vs Kurds

As I did abit better today in my business module I am not going to to bed early so I want to write! it is somehow related to Dilnareens post.
The topic is too big for me to judge, discuss or even give you some good information about the relation, as I dont have much experience apart from some things that I have which I will write and my own views from the way they handle stories related to us or anything to do with us in deed!
I remember calling them once "controversial media" in this blog, well I know you would say who gives a damn about your views towards such a big company. But I was just reading through Stuart Hughe's blog as I found the link here in KBU and in fact it was his posts during the war which made me think one more time about BBC Vs Kurds.
I remember, when I first started reading BBC website and having heard about them so many times either at my school days or during my English classes, I naively (simply Kurdana) wrote an email to the contact email, I wish I had that email now, something like
"To whom it may concern,
....some greetings...some introduction...then
as a Kurd, I read your website frequently and I am sure there
are many other Kurds who read this website,too. May I ask you to provide us just
as the other nations have, a Kurdish section where we could read in our
language, too?"
the response I vaguely remember was:
"Dear reader,
Thanks for your email, BBC is blah blah blah, goverment blah blah we can not do anything unauthorised by the government!"
and I was so happy to have had an answer, thinking "oh yea, one of those J. Simpson look-alike ones have responded and well poor guy he can't do anything if he is not allowed. Think about it hiwa, just like someone who is working for a PUK or KDP paper, they cant do much can they?"
Years passed, and I turned from L to Hiwa, slightly opened my eyes, talked to several reporters and freelance journalists for BBC like himself(I have to say never raised this concern to them), but the story was very different from that email (of course!) ...ermm for a moment.. who else have Kurdish broadcast? VOA, oh hell how can Americans disappoint their Turkish allies? or their Arab Allies?!
Google? come on man, just like Mircrosoft Turkey will ban the whole searching engine, it is impossible!!!
The Turkish goverment, the goverment which tries people ONLY because they spoke Kurdish, itself now have Kurdish Broadcast!!
Jamal Abdul-Nasir(Arabic-Link)? Never ever, he wouldn't allow that! he had best relations with Faisal, then all other Arab leaders of Baghdad....or was he not the ONLY one who alloawed Midhad BadirKhan to publish the first EVER Kurdish Newspaper at the heart of Arabland, Egypt?!
come on guys, stop calling my seperated land, Northern, South East, Western and Eastern parts of carved Maps. Please stop calling someone who is trying to glue back together the pieces which Ataturk tore apart, a Seperatist Leader; with all his mistakes is Ocalan a seperatist or the Turkish goverment? Is it NorthernIraq or South of Kurdsitan, and other parts North, West and East of it?
I wish I could find a link, a book, something to understand what is the secret behind BBC using more than two words to describe the place where Stuart had his best rewarding day(read Saturday 15th March 2003) in his professional career in it? and moreover educate all their staff on the same ideology, is there something that I am badly missing? there must be something very dangerous to BBC about us, something like the threat from Turkey to Microsoft! or...is it just me who is till naive!
picture-from Stuart's blog,
dont you guys think they, too must belong to a country?
I have to say surprisingly I found the word Kurdistan twice, when he mentions the Turkmen-Kurdish relations, which I have to say is the best place to use Kurdistan word!
do you need snapshots?
here is one from 2001 ... "Kurds" (writen by a Kurd(!), watch for clauses avoiding Kurdistan)
March 2005 .... "Dutchman in Iraq genocide charges" (mind this new one, attack on the Kurdish Iraqi town of Halabja, but the Dutchman himself says 'Kurdish city Halabja')
Does anyone need more?

Monday, May 23, 2005 

Do ppl this stupid really exist?

550+ dead iraqis in less than a month = hardly a ripple... c'est a vie
old man in droopy underwear = Horror , barbarism.. violation of the geneva convention

Agh the stupidity of all this kills me, anyway why was this bastard walking around in his underwear anyway?
ppl walk around in their underwear at home anyway but why outside?
i think he's closet flasher really... hehe wonder what casual fridays would be like

What even annoys me more is the ppl they get to comment on this... yes there have been a fair deal of good comments (mainly from ppl the likes of elaph or bbc arabic have your say or sharq alawsat)
But i'm concentrate by those comments from what i can only classify as poor mans laxatives:

Basama Abdullah, 25, a government worker in Baghdad, said, "Regardless of whatever he was before, he is still an Iraqi. ... The goal of showing these pictures is to put shame on the Iraqis."
Oh never mind he killed hundreds of thousands of iraqis surely the CRIME of him voluntarily walking about in his underpants is much bigger

"This is very shameful and sad for all Iraqis," said Rita Yago, 35, another government worker in Baghdad, who contrasted the photographs with those seen of Hussein "for 30 years looking respectable on TV."

Speak for ureself yoda... i don't breakdown when i see people not dressing like they do on TV

And if you wanna feel something more painful than shooting yourself in the face read some of the commentary on the english bbc have your say:
Makes you realize how living in the first world has no effect whatsoever on mentality

And then there was jazeerah showing that they do have ethics... they can show and defend beheadings but a dictator in Y-fronts... "get outta here"

wonder what they would have done if someone from this current government was in those photos. Replay, slow motion ,pause Zoom in Zoom out (with a flashy soundtrack) i could go on

And while we're on the topic of commentary check out the "people" they found for this article arab reaction to zarqawi:
Mainly this one:

"This is a deviant notion and Zarqawi, with all due respect, is not an expert on Islamic jurisprudence. His views are illegitimate" said Saudi Islamic researcher Youssef Al-Dayni.

A rapist cum slaughterer of the masses commends respect and from what a supposed man of religion, why is he trying to brown nose him anyway.

These ppl are definitely stored in a cave or lab somewhere and released when they need opinions regarding the middle east

if that wasn't bad enough check out the zarqawaites begging the world to pray for their leader.. because he is recovering from his heroic injuries (u know all that hiding does give a hamstring strain). (thanx fay for the link)

Sunday, May 22, 2005 


Twelve months after Michael Moore scooped
Cannes' top award with "Fahrenheit 9/11," - a scathing indictment of the Bush adminstration's handling of the war in Iraq - a very different movie director screened a very different view of the war at the world's premier cinematic gathering.[1]

Director Hiner Saleem did not win the Golden Palm this year. But his film "Kilometre Zero" created a good deal of buzz at the competition, which closed on Saturday, not least because of its final scene.

"We're free! We're free!" two Iraqi Kurdish exiles shout exultantly as they hear the news of Saddam Hussein's overthrow on April 9, 2003. "We're free! We're free!"

That joyous reaction to the invasion of Iraq is not likely to go down well with the European audiences who idolized Mr. Moore. But Mr. Saleem, an Iraqi Kurd, is equally worried about being adopted as a standard-bearer by the war's supporters.

"My film is not the opposite of 'Fahrenheit 9/11' because I don't judge George Bush or the United States," Saleem says. " I judge Saddam Hussein and I simply say he was a monster."

As the primary victims of Mr. Hussein's brutality, subjected to poison gas and mass executions, "we Kurds would have been happy if the French or the Swedes had liberated us," he adds. "But it was the Americans who came. For us, the result is positive."

In fact, the controversial ending was tacked on to the original screenplay to give the film more currency, for fear that foreign audiences might find the central story line too distant. Most of the film - about a young Kurdish man press-ganged into Iraq's war with Iran in 1988 - explores the suffering and humiliation that the Kurds experienced at the government's hands.

The movie follows Ako from his village in the Kurdish mountains to the front line near the southern Iraqi city of Basra, and then back again when he is assigned to escort home the corpse of a fallen comrade.

"The Kurdish army gave me 200 pounds of TNT," Saleem recalls. "All the explosions are real, all the bullets were real. That meant I had to do all of those scenes in one take."

The resulting film met with mixed reviews at Cannes. The French critics were lukewarm, some wondering how the movie made it onto the select list of 20 films in competition. Though British and American critics were kinder, the Arab press has been "aggressive," Saleem says.

Even the US-funded Arab satellite TV channel, Al Hurra, which might have been expected to celebrate the first-ever Iraqi entry at Cannes, ran a disapproving story.

"When it comes to Kurds, their nationalism comes to the surface," Saleem sighs. Though his does too, of course: He doesn't regard his film as an Iraqi one, nor himself as an Iraqi. Both, he insists, are Kurdish and only Kurdish.

Partitioned between Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Iran, Kurdistan is home to 26 million Kurds, the largest ethnic group in the world without their own country, and the Kurds' voice has often been drowned out in the din of others' national interests.

Kilometre Zero's prominence at Cannes, says Saleem "gives Kurdish cinema a passport to the world. That is fantastic."

"The antiwar people accuse Kilometre Zero of being pro-Bush, and I'm afraid the other side will just say 'Look, we told you so.' We are meant to think either like the Europeans or like the Americans," Saleem complains. "Well, I want to think like a Kurd.

[1]Christian Science Monitor

I wished more Kurds talked like this! This article is great (only there were some lil mistakes)
Biji Hiner Saleem


50.000 Kurds demonstrate for Sheikh Mohammad Mashouk al-Khaznawi

According to a representative of the Kurdish Yekiti party 50,000 Syrian Kurds demonstrated in the Kurdish city Qamishli, demanding to know the whereabouts of Sheikh Mohammad Mashouk al-Khaznawi, a missing Kurdish cleric. His son and human rights groups said he was kidnapped by Syrian security agents, a charge
Syria's Interior Ministry denied this week. The protesters carried posters of al-Khaznawi and placards that demanded to know the man's fate. Witnesses said riot police and security agents watched the demonstration, which was largely peaceful

I also attended to a conference about the Syrian Kurds. Here I got to know more about the current situation about the regime and the Kurds. There were representatives of amnesty international, Dutch government, Yekiti party, refugee organisations, etc. A new committee set up for the Syrian opposition shall meet the Dutch minister of foreign affairs on Tuesday.

There will be more demonstrations for Sheikh Mohammed Mashouk al-Khaznawi today in front of the Syrian embassy in Brussel (

Saturday, May 21, 2005 


Arsenal = Lucky Gay Boys.

Friday, May 20, 2005 

No mess with Kurdish blood, b******

This made me forget me failing yesterday's exam!
He deserves worse,
Geneva Gonvention is for Human being, he is NOT!

Thursday, May 19, 2005 

interview with a Syrian Kurd

Syria and Western Kurdistan (Syrian Occupied Kurdistan ) is one of the most unfocused parts of world.nobody really knows what happens there and there is no Syrian or Western Kurd blogger.

I was so lucky to found a well educated syrian kurd in internet "by chance" , I asked him to do an interview ,and after so much fear he accepted, he trusted me because I had a Peshewa Qazi Mohammad photo on my avatar . (President of Kurdistan Republic 1946) I really apperciate this and thank him that accepted and put himself in danger to answer my questions . now I invite to read this interview about Syria and Western Kurdistan,

First of please tell us about Syrian Kurds, their population , their dialect of Kurdish , their religion , ..
The Syrian Kurd they are about (2 to 3 million) according to unregular research ,they are living in infrequent strip beside Syrian Turkish international border (width 40 to 75 k.m.) from east to west with high Kurdish density in north and low density in south .
They speak Kormanc dailect of Kurdish.

How is the life in Western Kurdistan -Syrian Occupied Kurdistan ?
The life here ? I don’t know what did you mean I will answer as I see for economic side, the annual income of person (for us) not good due to our activity, Because we don’t have he same chance with our partners in this country .

Can you give us some examples of discriminations that you face in Syria as a Kurd?

Discriminations ...t’s the big problem but not wide distribution ,the Kurd facing this problem in high government sections such as (military intelligence … etc. ) in another sections its under possibility because you can buy every thing by money not just for Kurd but for any one.

How many people have access to modern tools, such as , computer ,internet ,Satellite ,TV in Western Kurdistan?

a. TV . I don’t know the real ratio but I expect the users of this tool reach to 98% And I expect 2% don’t have electricity in villages which don’t have electric power.
b. Satellite receiver . the ratio here its between (15 – 30 )% of houses
c. Computer . the ratio of this group may be 30% among the educated peoples Which have a computer in his house or his work or they have knowledge to use . And 80% of computer users are between students because this tool its new in our schools program .
d. the ratio of this group is 5% using this tool which belong to c. (5% of 30%) or sharing with user one .

How many TV channels does the Syria has and is there any Kurdish programs among them? do they even mention there is a Kurd and Kurdistan in Syria?

Syria has two local channels and one satellite channel and they don’t have any Kurdish programs , about the mention of Kurd and western Kurdistan they never did , because they treat our existance here as we are refuges or immigration peoples coming from northern Kurdistan, until a few months ago , (from five month ago our exististance here became regular ,? during the interview with foreign satellite the Syrian president said the Kurdish nation is a part of Syrian structure ???!!!).than later that interview rebroadcast in Syrian satellite that was only mention !

can you tell us ,How the Arabs in Syria feel about Kurds and how do they treat to you ? do you see any changes in Arabs behavior to the Kurds before and after Iraqi war?
the big ratio of the Arabs in Syria looking to us without different with any one in Syria but the another ratio which belong to Saddam Husseins regime look at us as enemy.
about the change in Arabs behavior after Iraqi war , some of the first group join to the second group, and the second group became more enemy to us.

During the recent years, there was Kurdish movement in Syria which was quiet but in Serheldan(insurrection) March 2004 we saw a sadden revolutionary movement by Kurdish people toward the Syrian government can you say why that happened suddenly at that time?

that movement of Kurd was result of two reasons : the first reason ,the difficultis which we face here like discrimination , our right……..etc ,
the second reason : during the football playing between “Elgihad” team which belong to Qamishlo city (the team players are Kurd) and other team which belong to “Deer Elzor” city , the fans of this team (Deer Elzor) are saddamist , even more than saddam himself

during the play the second teams fans (Deer Elzor) raised the saddem’s photos and saying the dirty words to the Kurd leaders in north Iraq –Southern Kurdistan-, then the fight began between the fans of the two teams -and the regime polices assististed and shared in the fight with second teams fans against Kurd people and……etc.

How do you see the division between different political parties in Western Kurdistan? ... How strong they are, are they popular enough among Kurdish people?
my opinion about division between different political parties is same with every educated person here , what we think about the leaders of kurdish parties …….? ,not good
because every one want to keep his chair more than directing people ,and they are not popular among people ( I think their strength comes from their popularity ) and the last serheldan(insurrection) determined that their popularity was not even 10% of the revolutionary people which share in serheldan (insurrection).

Do you have any hope for changes in Syrian Kurdistan ? do you think the changes in Iraq , will result changes in Syrian Kurdistan ?
A : I think we will spend many years to get changed because the leaders of democratic change in world, are investigating about the works for their companies, to get more activity and movements to their economic sectors, I think Iran will be before us.
B: .about the change due to the changes in Iraq ,it will result in decreasing the pressure on us , I hope in near future we will be better .

Tuesday, May 17, 2005 

Hiner Saleem received a medal in Cannes

Hiner Saleem has received the decoration of "Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres", a French medal for intellectual or artists. The French minister for Culture, Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres has stated, giving his decoration : "This artist comes from Kurdistan. He is an artist from a country which has been shared. For his artistic work, I congratulate him and nominated him "Chevalier des arts et des lettres".

Source and picture from Avesta.

It is a French tradition to decorate a foreign artist in Cannes, or in other intenational events. Once, it was Silvester Stallone who received it... Well at least the word "Kurdistan" does not afraid our minister... Probably that the White House will see it again as a personnal attack of frog-eaters against US policy... too bad for French American relations...

Monday, May 16, 2005 

Al-Assad will meet the tribes from Kurdistan

According Arabicnews.com[1] news reports in Damascus said that the Syrian authorities will shortly announce offering scores of thousands of Kurds the right to have the Syrian nationality.

Meantime, President Bashar al-Assad will be meeting with representatives of Kurdish tribes from the northern parts of
Syria, in a step which is the first of its kind at this level.

A senior Syrian official asked to be anonymous said that an agreement was finalized on Sunday providing for decreasing the number of Kurds who are deprived of the nationality and this measure will target 100,000, according to official authorities estimates and that the measures provided for the implementation of this new settlement will start soon.

Well-informed Syrian sources said that al-Assad will be shortly meeting with the representatives of Arab and Kurdish tribes in the Kurdish north of
Syria. A meeting to be held at this level for the first time, especially following the role played by these tribes in easing down during al-Qamishli acts of riots in 2004. The sources have not ruled out that the announcement will be after announcing a settlement for the question of Kurds who are deprived from the nationality

Although it looks like the Kurds get more rights, recently one Kurd got jailed because he was a member of an underground "separatist" organisation, the PKK. The court adjourned the case of two others.

According to Reuters[2] some Kurdish political activists accuse the Syrian state of trying to stamp out their distinct cultural identity and dilute the Kurdish character of the northeastern Jazeera -- a fertile plain rich in oil and gas that Syria's command economy needs.

You can read more about the "stateless Kurds in
Syria" in a report of reuters here:
Syria's stateless Kurds hope for new rights

Update 17-05-05 :

[3]The Syrian security forces in western Kurdistan [eastern parts of Syria] have been applying strict measures and body searching the local people as a prelude for stationing the Syrian troops pulled out from Lebanon. Kurdish eyewitnesses say that Syria has decided to station in the entire western Kurdistan, particularly in Jazeera area, the pulled troops and the government is setting up a huge camp in Qamishlu for that purpose. Western Kurdistan was the scene of a comprehensive uprising that confused the Syrian authorities in the area last year.



Sunday, May 15, 2005 

"Kudistan Democratic Party"' was renamed by ...

VOA -Voice Of America -Reports
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice walks with Kurdish Democratic Party leader Massoud Barzani, right, during a surprise visit to Irbil in northern Iraq

Ladies and Gentelmen:
after the renaming Kurdistan to Northern Iraq ,"Kudistan Democratic Party" is renamed to "Kurdish(!?) Democratic Party" by United States of America and Ameican offical news agencies, Happy new name to Kak Massod Barzani.
(please check the offcial site of KDP to see their Reall name not the name is used by American Medias)

(can you feel how America hates "Kurdistan" word and how hard they are trying with their friend -Turks- to delete our lands name in history ?)

Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you .

1+ Ooops please replace "Thank" word , with F***

+What the hell these Southern Kurdistan Newspapers are doing? "Condoleeza Rice" had a meeting with them , they could tell her how Peopel of Kurdistan hate it , when she uses Northern Iraq word,as long as I know, the Northern Iraq project, "to delete Kurdistan word in the history ", was started by Bush's New Girl Friend trip to Turkey.... and after Rajab, had warned her not to use Kurdistan word.

+ this "Qundar Hiza" has almost kissed -and may be sleepd with-every poltician in his country... anybody has taken her snap with Barzani ?

+CNN Reports "Rice in Iraq for Kurdish Meeting !" instead of "Rice to meet Kurdistan"

Mr CNN editor , Kurdish is an Adjective, for language and adverb in Kurdish langauge, when you says "He did his job Kurdish" you mean "he did it bravely"
when you say "she will have a Kurdish meeting" , you mean "she will have a meeting in which she will dance and drink ...and 18+ stuff"
so Mrs.Rice will sleep in Barazni's room tonight , for her kurdish meeting? right?

You American Medias are playing with a name that 5000 years history , be sure you are just making a fool out of yourself for the sake of Turkey... and not anything else.
Our lands name is Kurdistan and it will be kurdistan foever and nobody can change it .

Saturday, May 14, 2005 

Anti-war lobbies and Zero kilometer

With his opinion of war in Iraq, which is totally opposed to Michael Moore's one, Hiner Saleem provokes very hostile but not surprising reactions from "anti-war people". According to Azeddine Mabrouki, in the Algerian newspaper al Watan :
This movie is damned mediocre, even if it is official ! This film is a pure propaganda that fires all who is not Kurdish, in particular all the Arabs in Iraq or elsewhere. Impossible to go into the details of a so confused realization (it is the story of a Kurdish soldier who wants to be demobilized during the Iraq-Iran war). That's simple, Zero kilometer is the right title : from beginning to end, it is heavy. One can make two assumptions on this unhappy choice with the official competition :Either the one which imposed it on the festival believed that Emir Kusturica, who directs the jury, will like it because he is supposed to like war movies... or after the criticisms of a small part of the media, last year, in connection with the selection of Michael Moore's memorable work (on Iraq, Bush, the CIA, etc.), some want, this year, to show the extreme opposite, the opposite of the astute Moore's opus, an "embeddad", coarse, heinous movie, something which is swimming in the more absolute nothingness.

For The Guardian, it is also a "pro-war movie" : "George Bush and Tony Blair will whoop for joy. A strongly pro-war film has been premiered at the Cannes film festival - and it comes from Iraq". In the same article, Hiner Saleem gives an interview about his work.

In the communist French newspaper, L'Humanité, Hiner Saleem gives the quite same interview but with more details about the anti-war movement in France :
In 2003 I did not understand the position of France. I was shocked, upset, and I could not speak. When my heroes yell their freedom, they are absolutely alone. I fear that it is premonitory for Iraq and the Kurds. I was against Saddam Hussein, which does not mean that I am pro-American. I suffered too much from this Manichean attitude. In 2003, finally, the Kurds could hope a little.

Like all the movies which are shown in Cannes we could only see it next year. So I could not argue on its artistic value. But I have seen many times Hiner Saleem, and he is certainly neither heinous, nor "against all non-Kurdish people"...
In any case, Kilometer Zero, one year after Michael Moore's award, triggers a useful and passionating debate about Iraqi events. I would be surprised if it has a prize because of its "pro-American image", but at least it brings a Kurdish voice to an international audience.

Friday, May 13, 2005 

A blessing

Turkey Beware!! We have found the Uber-Ally



A new "fair"trial for Öcalan... So what ?

That's agreed, the European Court has decided that Öcalan will have to be judged again, for his trial did not seemed "fair", because of a military judge in the Turkish court. Well, it was not the biggest mistake in this judiciary show... It is necessary to remember the climate of hysteria which prevailed in Turkey in 1999, when Öcalan's lawyers, and especially the first of them, Ahmet Zeki Okçuoglu, were threatened, and several times attacked by nationalist gangs, when visiting their client was so difficult in Imrali : If lawyers could obtained a ship for the isle, and if authorities decided that meteorology was ok for shipping, Öcalan's lawyers should face "Turkish soldiers' mothers" (right or true for these mothers seemed to have a real logistic and material meanings without limits for demonstrating during the trial and against the defence).

If they could have reached Imrali, they should be searched as a way of humiliation, and of course no conversation between the client and his lawyers could be secret, because a hooded "guard" listened always to the talks.

As for lawyers of the charge, they profited from greatest indulgence for all the failures with the Court rules : one of them even wore a tee-shirt representing the Turkish flag, instead of its usual dress.

An unfair trial, that's true. But how judging Öcalan could be of some value, if in the same time, the crimes of the Turkish State towards the Kurds, are not judged? Requiring a new trial for Öcalan in an "equitable" way is an absolute hypocrisy, quite characteristic of the European Union : for good part of the Turkish Staff and his political community, if they had been Serbes or Hutu Ruandais, would currently be on the benches of the international Court of the Hague. Moreover, some countries of ex-Yugoslavia, eager to integrate the European Union, are obliged to help the arrest of their war criminals... To insist on the recognition of the Armenian genocide is a good thing. But a bunch of Turkish leaders( or ex-leaders) have much fresher blood on the hands.

Judging Öcalan unilaterally is then stating that the Kurdish rebellion was illegal, and thus, that any revolt against a dictatorial state or genocidary ideology is illegal. If same logic is followed, the peshmergas of Barzani and Talabani were in the illegality when they revolted against Saddam Hussein's regime. In the same way, Tutsis, if they had been able to resist the Hutus, would have been committed "crimes" ahainst Ruanda ? The case was already posed concerning the loads against Nuriye Kesbir: Will the EU declare illegal any armed resistance against a State, whatever are its abuses concerning the humans right?

The former trial should have been the trial of the Turkish state, the trial of its anti-Kurdish policy. That was the wish of Ahmet Zeki Okçuoglu, and if it did not happen, it is only because Öcalan refused any other defence than : "I beg pardon", "It is not my fault, it is my guerilla's one", "I am not responsible, but my wife did it", and finally "I am deeply kemalist".

Under does these conditions, obviously, how to defend the cause of the Kurds in Turkey when their "leader" declare them automatically guilty? The one who prevents, for the moment, any "equitable"trial of the Turkish State, is not Turkey but Öcalan himself.

Thursday, May 12, 2005 

Trial of the Defendant by the Applicatant

There is little doubt, our correspondent says, that Ocalan - a figure of hatred for the majority of hardline Turkish nationalists - would be convicted again
-- bbc
I hardly remember when he was first brought into the "previous" so called justice system of the Turks(like tayfun), well because south Kurdistan was struggling to survive, no internet, no proper tv channels (I dont mean Kurdish, coz still there are not any), and no proper public awareness of what exactly is going on rather than "oh well yet another one to be imprisoned"
I hope this time, regardless of the fact that Ocalan is blamed by many of his own real loyalists, we will be able to have access to the details of the "trial".
People in south Kurdistan used to/still think that Ocalan unlike Barzani and Tabalani was able to bring the Kurds together by being a real leader, but in fact as one his very close loyalists was saying he lost it because he was worse than the two in claiming that "I am the best for Kurds" and still keeping the mentality of "people should look after me and I must be THE LEADER" while other nation leader sell thier personal belongings to serve their nation.
I hope his trial will be a signal to the whole world, that Turkey is one of the worst places for the yet unknown Kurds, we are being persecuted, denied our every simple rights, and that Turkish racism is ruling the country. At the same time, I hope our people will also realise that a leader is not GOD or PROPHET, and get out of the Islamic or Arabic mentality, realise that a LEADER is the one who loves his nation the most, can do the best and ready to sacrifice the most!
I hope this time, when he will be asked the same question he was asked in the witness box, by the so called Turk judge:
"Is there something called Kurdish cause in Turkey?"
he will NOT HESITATE, he will not wait even a microsecond, he will not murmer or even let the judge finish his word Turk** and start by the same clause "you are not a judge but the applicant" and say "YES! THERE IS, Northern Kurdistan's cause" (Evet)
I hope this time, if he will be given the choice which were given to Qazi Muhammed, "hang you or give up?" he will start by the same clause "you are not a judge but the applicant" and say "hang me, then my shoes will be on top of your heads!"
and finally I hope, other leaders acknolegde their resorts, mansions and authorities by serving their people, listening to us, change the tribala and totalitarian mentality and try to be real PEOPLE LEADERS.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005 

Kurdish Limelight

This evening (French hour) will start the Festival de Cannes. Among the selected movies, a French Kurdish movie, Kilometer Zero of Hiner Saleem.

Synopsis : 1988, February, during Iran-Iraq war. Ako, a young Kurd, has a dream : leaving the country. But his wife, Selma, refuses it still her father is alived. Against his will, he became a soldier in Saddam Hussein's army and is sent to the war. So the young men is looking for the "good wound" in the aim to be demobilized but nothing happens. One day, he gets the order to bring the corpse of a "war shahid" to his family. A Arab taxi driver accompanies him in that mission. A Kurd, an Arab and on the roof the taxi the coffin of the martyr, wrapped in an Iraqi flag : this weird convoy goes through the country, from the south to the north. At the end of the trip, the Kurdish moutains... It might be an opportunity, for Ako, to flee the country...
So, all the best for Hiner Saleem ! And good luck for Kurdish cinema !

Tuesday, May 10, 2005 

America : our soldiers can not defeat Qandil mountains !

(more photos here)
thanks Vladimir for the photo's link

"John Kunstadter" American foreign officer in Turkey ,replied to Turks about the question that America do nothing against PKK in Southern Kurdistan .
John Kunstadter says Qandil Moutains are so hard for American soldiers , and they did their best to go through Qandil Mountains to reach to PKK , but they couldnt....

he continues,
you Turks who mermer that we Americans are not doing anything against PKK,
cant you remember that your own army in 1997 did it's best to go through qandil mountain but the hard conditions of Qandil Mountain stopped them? ....

long life our mountains ,our only loyal friends through the history and long life our peshmergas who are friend with hard conditions of living in high cold mountains .

+ Source - Peyamner in Kurdish .

+ (I am Ok ,just the hosting company is down , soon I will buy a better hosting and everything will be up again even so much better than before. -I have backed up the forum -)


Terrorist or insurgents ? it depends on...

When L'Observatoire franco-kurde traveled in Turkey, especially in the "dear South-East" of which Turks are so fond, it had often to answer police officers's questions, or soldiers', spies', etc., concerning the motive of its presence in weird cities like Cizre, Diyarbakir, Van, Dersim for, between 1999-2001, they were not precisely visited by French herds in short, (this specy could be only found in Cappadoce).

But it did not prevent us to shake our "Guide du routard" under authorities' noose (you can identify undoubtedly a French tourist by this Guide du Routard, as surely as if he had pinned his passport on the face), and shouting the sesame word "turist ! turist!", even in a so great metropole as Ovacik Plage (Dersim) that no foreign people visited since 70 years.

Some policemen were cleverer than others, or more high-ranked and then more intelligent, (in any case really more glamour, for Turkey likes order and labels, so bad guys are often ugly and stupid, and nice people are kind and handsome). A nice guy prompted in Cizre the good answer "You are TOURISTs, aren't you ?" with charmingly anxious eyes. So we nodded, of course we were tourists, not terrorists.

Then it became a ritual joke "no terrorists, tourists", at a such point that sometimes we were near to made a slip of the tongue and reverse the formula.

Recently via, Medya (let's hope that he will come back soon) we've learned that Iranian TV called "Iraqi" terrorists "insurgents", until Ibrahim al Jafaari becomes PM. Then "insurgents" became "terrorists" for Iranian officials.

In the same way, our French journalists were so in a hurry to run in Fallujah in the aim to meet the "Iraqi resistance". Some of them met it, and did not return from the meeting... Then our French media are passing gradually from the term of "Iraqi resistant" to "Iraqi insurgents". I suppose that it is necessary to await a good decapitation or our hostages, a halal cutting-up as for Margaret Hassan and so many ordinary Iraqis about which nobody worries in Europe : Then, one day, we will read in French newspapers something about "tIraqi errorists" .


Peshmerga will remain independent

Iraq's new defense minister, Sadoon al-Dulaimi, said he intended to continue military policies set by the outgoing administration of Ayad Allawi, who aggressively pursued operations against insurgents. Also he stated that the Peshmerga would not be integrated into the Iraqi army.

Dulaimi made what appeared to be a concession to the principal partners in the new government, the Shiites and Kurds, stating in an interview on the Arab news channel Al Arabiya that he would not seek to integrate politically controlled militias into the military. This appeared to be a move away from the American insistence during the early stages of the occupation that independent militias such as the Kurdish peshmerga and the Shiite Badr Brigade would have to be absorbed in the new Iraqi army.

In other news a Marine taskforce killed 100 terrorists. The Kurdish intelligence already said there were a lot of insurgents near and behind the Syrian border.
The marine finally took action and killed 100 insurgents and raided desert outposts and city safe houses belonging to insurgents who have used the area to import cars, money, weapons and foreigners to fight U.S. and Iraqi forces in Baghdad, Mosul and other cities, American military officials said Monday

Sunday, May 08, 2005 

Say what?

Has this story made the news rounds yet

Iraqi Government removes the word federal from oath

First saw it on Kurdish media last week but was waiting for it to show up on other news outlets just to make sure but so far its only made it to middle east info and Lebanon's daily star. Obviously news like that is not important to the middle east, as say whether birth control is haram or halal or what Sudanese islamists write in their newspapers
Anyway back to the main point, you'd honestly think this government is more obsessed with screwing us than protecting their own people
In just 2 days, they've discovered shallow graves of executed Iraqis civilians, market explosions ripping apart shoppers, more bombings outside police recruitment stations and this without all the other unmentioned everyday bombings kidnappings and beheadings of Iraqi civilians and what are their ministers doing? Just sitting there playing X and O with their constitution

What have we done against them anyway, on the other hand look how willing they are in appeasing baathists and even giving them ministries in the govt without being elected

Oh and putting a Duleimy in charge of security, how open is that for abuse. May I say brainfart.
How does this fit into democracy, they boycotted the election, brainwashed/terrorists/threatened anyone within their area against voting and are behind all the violence. Look how well they're treated they get pre-booked seats in the government and then still whinge about being marginalised, I think ungrateful. Us on the other hand just keep having stuff taken away from us

Isn't about time they start taking away the baby gloves just cos' they happen to be sunni, its about time someone stands up and says "TOUGH u didn't participate, no seats. Next election is in 9 months time, hope u learned your lesson

Here's a crazy idea, why not give someone who did participate in the election a ministry, you dunno what bravery it took to put your party name on a widely distributed list when there were ppl out there decapitate and gunning down anything associated with it.

So yes how about seeing some yezidis, chrisitians and on a gender level, women for these roles, and what is it with ex-baathist monopolizing the sunni roles in everything anyway do they not come in other flavors, oh wait they probably do but just happen to get gunned down. They're great in terrorizing and holding hostage their own people aren't they.
So much for a new Iraq, it still looks like a society who are still ruled by people who love their crime and injustice

Well apparently the removal of the words was deliberate and according to Sharqiya Tv the kurds made them all re-take their oathes again with the word federal and democratic intact

Friday, May 06, 2005 

Turkey is gathering troops along Iraqi border

Some Kurdish sources (PKK) informed that thousand of Turkish troops are gathering along the Iraqi border, in the Kurdish areas of Turkey. These troops are units of 2 brigades, Bolu and Kayseri. According to the same sources, these brigade commandos had been seen in the distritct of Cukurca (Hakkari).More than 10.000 soldiers could be deployed there.

Roj TV (pro-PKK television) said that "these preparations are being carried out within the framework of an operation against south Kurdistan [northern Iraq])".

We remind that on May 1st, a group pretending to belong to the PKK has claimed the responsibility of the Kus,adasi explosion. According to Roj TV, the Bolu brigade de Bolu, deployed at Lice (Diyarbakir) is ready to attack Northern Iraq, especially the Kurdish areas of Akdag, Andok, Dorse, Saggoze and Senyayla.

One thing is certain : the bomb attack in Kus,adasi was not a serious attack if we consider its meanings and its results. But it happens at the right time to legitimate a military incursion in Iraqi Kurdistan. In a same way, this mysterious group called "Liberation Hawks", reminds the so mysterious "Apo's Hawk" of 1999, coming out from nowhere in Turkey. But this apparition seems a good opportunity for the other "hawks", the pro-war Turkish movement, waiting for the good event whiwh would allow them to enter in Kuristan.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005 

Welcome to Iraq

For most of the 2 years after the war kurdistan has acted like it was separate from Iraq in everything but name, yet somehow every once in a while we get a warning like that saying "don't forget where u are"
On TV, they reported news from Iraq like it was happening on another planet, killing of police officers, funeral suicide bombs, terrors tapes just happened "down south".
Its not insensitivity, after all they are people who are used to death as it come with the history of the land but then again even when death was in the air people till went along with their lives

However as of 1991 a generation have grown up not having seen this outright hate all the previous generations had to face, gassings, mass executions, deportation, verbal degradations in schools (funny how no one mentioned the school system under the baath regime)

They knew things were not well (hell they had a civil war) and they know to some degree the amount of hate the rest of the region has against them but haven't seen crimes against just based on their identity

So now, Just like feb 1 ppl were beginning to worry about their own future, just as things looked like they were about to improve, these animals were allowed back in the area again, how did security lax again?

So far 60+ are dead, 150+ injured with numbers set to rise

Ansar al-sunna have claimed responsibility for the attack, I wont bother linking to their site but the main drivel they released as quoted by reuters and abc

"[It is also] in response to the infidel peshmerga forces which surrendered themselves to the crusaders and became a thorn in the side of Muslims."

Now lets see they cant release two sentences without showing-off their extreme ignorance... See mullah beardie we didn't surrender to the americans we happily joined them to finally get rid of the scum that USED to rule the area surrendering on the other hand is something you ppl are amazingly good at, have we already forgotten how your hero leader was caught after he waged his own ppl through 3 wars

And it gets even worse ...

"We launched upon them this heroic lion who broke through all their fortified checkpoints to blow up his car amid this group of infidels. There was a huge explosion which ripped their bodies apart and killed more than 80 infidels,"

Right so your "hero" transformed into an exploding conffetti can, God must be proud, And what did this "heroic lion" of yours do, killed other muslims while they were going to work
So lets see, this wasn't a battle scene, the "lion" was in hiding and these ppl killed were mostly "fellow muslims" someone mind explaining to me how this "heroic lion" stance works

Probably from the same herd of lions that had their heads neatly placed between baathist thighs throughout 35 yrs, ridiculous. How did we suddenly have this platoon of "liberty" seekers in iraq in just 2 years when there wasn't even one before.

And as arab nationalism died a death, they now use the excuse of "not being muslim enough" (read zionist conspirator) as an excuse to attack.

Like we really need some stinky sex-obsesssed murdering mullahs to teach us about morals.

The sad thing is that there are ppl willing to believe them especially with this over-zealous religious trend that has been growing in iraq since 1991

What exactly is so special about u being a muslim that u want to kill for? ... Nothing u are blatantly average just like the 1 billion other muslims around.

The only reason u r muslims is because your parents and their parents etc... were. If your parents sucked toes for a living you would do the same... except maybe suck a little harder to show how tough a person you are.

Worrying how most answers now are answered by "the enlightened few" as "cos' God said so". No wonder it's so easy to transform your kids into human time bombs.

What more do these criminals want from the kurds, didn't their leader to enough to under his decayed rule, haven't his many arab and islamic neighbors had their hand at a little genocide
what exactly is it that they probably missed out on, that these blow as you go monkeys think they could achieve.

May the souls of those whom died today and all other victims of this murderous mentality rest in peace.



a faceless coward , blown himsellf / herself in the middle of Kurdish Young Boys and Girls and killed more than 90 and injuired more than 150.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005 

Vodka Lemon

Vodka Lemon is a surprisingly charming post-sovietic movie. I say surprisingly because Hiner Saleem is a Southern Kurd, but perhaps by having made his movies in Armenia he becomes at the end a local cineast. Far from Bahman Ghobadi's sentimental exuberance, Hiner Saleem works with a great restraint, and in a way extremely more risky in Vodka Lemon story, for his characters are, at first sight, less immediately attrative and touching than the beautiful and sad children in Turtles can fly. The heros on this movie are two widowed, who go regularly to moarn on the grave of their dead beloved. They begin to fell in love each other. But this white-haired love-story is not ridiculous, with any kind of insipid sentimentality like "Love is beautiful at all age" or "life goes on let's hope". No, the delicate progression of feelings is painted with a great subtlety, a refusal of heavy effects. Finally, the thaw of loneliness and mourning is especially shown to us through the thaw of the winter : love is a snowdrop which points timidly under meters of snow. Because the winter is omnipresent in this film : almost all the scenes are filmed in snow, heros walk in snow, converse outside in snow, fight each other in snow, marry each other in snow, forgive each other in snow. Vodka Lemon could also be entitled The Great Winter, like Ismaïl Kadaré's novel.

Like the Georgian movie Since Otar left , Hiner Saleem shows us too how the Soviet collapse left on the shore of poverty a lot of people. The old Hamo Hamo lives sparely with ten dollars of pension, and his dulcinea owes five dollars to the bus driver (I note that the currency of reference there seems to be the dollar). Quadragenarian try to survive with hazardous deals and more or less regular businesses in Central Asia, youths are more disoriented, between the disillusions of emigration and occasional prostitution, when playing music does not pay enough. Result: the son who lives in France, instead of sending money , ask it to his father ; the young pianist has to sell her piano. In that cold and long winter, days are marked by renouncement : television, cupboard, clothes, all disappears little by little, exchanged for dollars, which are exchanged for flowers and bus tickets, in the aim to continue the dialogue with the late people, and trying to prevent their burial under snow.

At the same time, this bald movie has some scenes of surrealist poetry which refuse to let crush people by the difficulty of life. Thus, the last object to be sold, (and which will not be sold), is a priori the less useful -in any case less useful than a cupboard -, but it leads Hamo and his new wife on the road of happiness. So the old man's romance contrasts strongly with the bitterness of the "arranged" and sad marriage of his grand-daughter.

Monday, May 02, 2005 

Translation from local medias

there are some news in Kurdish Section of Paymner that are not in English section, i think acording to high ties of kurdish leaders with Turks , they dont dare to publish it in English
here are some of news from diffren sources in Kurdish and Farsi been translated by me :

3 May-2005- Peyamner -Kurdish
7 Dehap members been put to 5 months prison for playing to Kurdish Music

7 member of Dehap Party , been put to 5 month prison for playing kurdish music the annual confress of Dehap Party ,
according to Hurriyet , Dehap Party had played muic in 11 Ayar --2003 [Ayar is a turkish month i think ..] , acoording to Turkish Law , speaking with another language than Turkish in Poltical Parties is forbidden , these members also must pay 2 billion Turkish Lire as punishment...
Pyamner Continues : this isnt first time that Kurd poltician been captured for using Kurdish language .

11 April 2005 -Peyamner-in Kurdish
a Man who doesnt drink water

a man who is 60 years old , hate water and he has tasted water just 5 times in his life.
Mohammad bin Abdoollah, offen drinks Tea and Coffe but he cant drink water at all, he says one his biggest problems in life is , that he cant communicate with peopel who drink water in his presense.

24 April 2005 , DW-Radio - Berlin - in Farsi
Turkey: one setp ahead and then two step behind

the article mentions some racist laws in Turkish government been revoked but instead the new laws which just looks like better but in fact it is worse than before , and they just changed the words so it doesnt look like racist , you can really feel that the Turkey's sogol is one step ahead and two step behind (in human right and democrassy)

Sanaz yordatapana a member of Human Right Organization says "there has been some reforms in the Turkey's law but in addition they added more bad things in the law , for example they delete the 140th law that says "someobody who advertise against Turks outside of Turkey, should loose his citzenship"
but in rertun they added this to the new latw,
the 305th of the new law says "somebody who advertise against Turk's benefit , and gets money from non-Turks , should be put to 3 to 10 years prison"

the article also interviews with Ferhad Tonc the Kurd singer in Turkish Occupied Kurdistan ,
he says he been captued and been totured many times by Turkish police , even in the middle of his concerts . Ferhad is so popular that he has to run his concerts in in footbal staduims .

Ferhad continue
just 6 month ago i was captued , they tortured me , didnt give food and water to me for 5 days , they accused me for supproting terrorists and encouraging peopel to join to terroris groups , the other time that they put me to 3 years prison was when I talked I taked in Kurdish to my fans in the concert , you know in Turkey you have to ask government before you talk to your fans in the concerts...they didnt even let me employ a lawyer to defend me....

Ferhad says, my songs has nothing to do with politic, but just sining in Kurdish makes it a poltical problem for you.
... it is a long article in Farsi and i have no time to translate it sorry ...

Sunday, May 01, 2005 

Shifting Tactics

They're done attacking Soldiers, Police Offices, Politicians, Businessmen, aid workers, students, the educated, women, children, and the elderly

So where to go from there.. of course attack the dead and their mourners

Twenty killed in attack on Kurds

Honestly do the brain-dead that still call this "resistance" have no shred of diginty or concept of humanity.... shamelessly disgusting

They've started this tactic against the shiaas and working their ways through all other non-salafists in the country

Oh and btw remember that Madaen issue the one where everyone declared as a fake. Well (and if roller doesn't mind me borrowing his link). Kerbala news have published the names and images of the bodies found.

The page starts with the heading :

- After denial from the sunni minority starting with the association of muslim scholars
- And after a widespread media blackout to hide the acts of the criminal Salafists
- The facts have come out and the crime that they tried hiding so well has come out

The text just before the images says : What would the sunnis have done to us if weren't the majority

This does make sense, the shiites are 60% of Iraq and hold most of the seats in Government, how come they back down so easily against wahhabists. Why are they so lean and easy on them and never dare attack back
And seriously the generic answer "but that will lead to civil war" doesn't work here, unless they're trying to assume that all sunnis are represented by wahhabists.
Seriously like we can't touch these criminals just because they happen to fal under sunni muslims.. how much do u wanna bet if they were of any other origin how fast they would be cracking down on them
This "civil war" mantra is beggining to just sound like a flimsy excuse used by the pro-baath pro-terrorists crowd

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