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Wednesday, May 04, 2005 

Welcome to Iraq

For most of the 2 years after the war kurdistan has acted like it was separate from Iraq in everything but name, yet somehow every once in a while we get a warning like that saying "don't forget where u are"
On TV, they reported news from Iraq like it was happening on another planet, killing of police officers, funeral suicide bombs, terrors tapes just happened "down south".
Its not insensitivity, after all they are people who are used to death as it come with the history of the land but then again even when death was in the air people till went along with their lives

However as of 1991 a generation have grown up not having seen this outright hate all the previous generations had to face, gassings, mass executions, deportation, verbal degradations in schools (funny how no one mentioned the school system under the baath regime)

They knew things were not well (hell they had a civil war) and they know to some degree the amount of hate the rest of the region has against them but haven't seen crimes against just based on their identity

So now, Just like feb 1 ppl were beginning to worry about their own future, just as things looked like they were about to improve, these animals were allowed back in the area again, how did security lax again?

So far 60+ are dead, 150+ injured with numbers set to rise

Ansar al-sunna have claimed responsibility for the attack, I wont bother linking to their site but the main drivel they released as quoted by reuters and abc

"[It is also] in response to the infidel peshmerga forces which surrendered themselves to the crusaders and became a thorn in the side of Muslims."

Now lets see they cant release two sentences without showing-off their extreme ignorance... See mullah beardie we didn't surrender to the americans we happily joined them to finally get rid of the scum that USED to rule the area surrendering on the other hand is something you ppl are amazingly good at, have we already forgotten how your hero leader was caught after he waged his own ppl through 3 wars

And it gets even worse ...

"We launched upon them this heroic lion who broke through all their fortified checkpoints to blow up his car amid this group of infidels. There was a huge explosion which ripped their bodies apart and killed more than 80 infidels,"

Right so your "hero" transformed into an exploding conffetti can, God must be proud, And what did this "heroic lion" of yours do, killed other muslims while they were going to work
So lets see, this wasn't a battle scene, the "lion" was in hiding and these ppl killed were mostly "fellow muslims" someone mind explaining to me how this "heroic lion" stance works

Probably from the same herd of lions that had their heads neatly placed between baathist thighs throughout 35 yrs, ridiculous. How did we suddenly have this platoon of "liberty" seekers in iraq in just 2 years when there wasn't even one before.

And as arab nationalism died a death, they now use the excuse of "not being muslim enough" (read zionist conspirator) as an excuse to attack.

Like we really need some stinky sex-obsesssed murdering mullahs to teach us about morals.

The sad thing is that there are ppl willing to believe them especially with this over-zealous religious trend that has been growing in iraq since 1991

What exactly is so special about u being a muslim that u want to kill for? ... Nothing u are blatantly average just like the 1 billion other muslims around.

The only reason u r muslims is because your parents and their parents etc... were. If your parents sucked toes for a living you would do the same... except maybe suck a little harder to show how tough a person you are.

Worrying how most answers now are answered by "the enlightened few" as "cos' God said so". No wonder it's so easy to transform your kids into human time bombs.

What more do these criminals want from the kurds, didn't their leader to enough to under his decayed rule, haven't his many arab and islamic neighbors had their hand at a little genocide
what exactly is it that they probably missed out on, that these blow as you go monkeys think they could achieve.

May the souls of those whom died today and all other victims of this murderous mentality rest in peace.

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