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Monday, May 02, 2005 

Translation from local medias

there are some news in Kurdish Section of Paymner that are not in English section, i think acording to high ties of kurdish leaders with Turks , they dont dare to publish it in English
here are some of news from diffren sources in Kurdish and Farsi been translated by me :

3 May-2005- Peyamner -Kurdish
7 Dehap members been put to 5 months prison for playing to Kurdish Music

7 member of Dehap Party , been put to 5 month prison for playing kurdish music the annual confress of Dehap Party ,
according to Hurriyet , Dehap Party had played muic in 11 Ayar --2003 [Ayar is a turkish month i think ..] , acoording to Turkish Law , speaking with another language than Turkish in Poltical Parties is forbidden , these members also must pay 2 billion Turkish Lire as punishment...
Pyamner Continues : this isnt first time that Kurd poltician been captured for using Kurdish language .

11 April 2005 -Peyamner-in Kurdish
a Man who doesnt drink water

a man who is 60 years old , hate water and he has tasted water just 5 times in his life.
Mohammad bin Abdoollah, offen drinks Tea and Coffe but he cant drink water at all, he says one his biggest problems in life is , that he cant communicate with peopel who drink water in his presense.

24 April 2005 , DW-Radio - Berlin - in Farsi
Turkey: one setp ahead and then two step behind

the article mentions some racist laws in Turkish government been revoked but instead the new laws which just looks like better but in fact it is worse than before , and they just changed the words so it doesnt look like racist , you can really feel that the Turkey's sogol is one step ahead and two step behind (in human right and democrassy)

Sanaz yordatapana a member of Human Right Organization says "there has been some reforms in the Turkey's law but in addition they added more bad things in the law , for example they delete the 140th law that says "someobody who advertise against Turks outside of Turkey, should loose his citzenship"
but in rertun they added this to the new latw,
the 305th of the new law says "somebody who advertise against Turk's benefit , and gets money from non-Turks , should be put to 3 to 10 years prison"

the article also interviews with Ferhad Tonc the Kurd singer in Turkish Occupied Kurdistan ,
he says he been captued and been totured many times by Turkish police , even in the middle of his concerts . Ferhad is so popular that he has to run his concerts in in footbal staduims .

Ferhad continue
just 6 month ago i was captued , they tortured me , didnt give food and water to me for 5 days , they accused me for supproting terrorists and encouraging peopel to join to terroris groups , the other time that they put me to 3 years prison was when I talked I taked in Kurdish to my fans in the concert , you know in Turkey you have to ask government before you talk to your fans in the concerts...they didnt even let me employ a lawyer to defend me....

Ferhad says, my songs has nothing to do with politic, but just sining in Kurdish makes it a poltical problem for you.
... it is a long article in Farsi and i have no time to translate it sorry ...

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