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Thursday, April 21, 2005 

Mr Everybody is targetted!

Mr Talabani
Mr Jaaferi
Mr Ex Interim Prime Minister Allawi
all are hot targets,
soft targets...unfortunately as always are the civilian people!
No matter who you are, you are targetted by the so called Sunni Militants. The latest story of the allegedly killing some 60 shias in Medain, as reported by dear Kurdish President Talabani is not as simple as it was reported to him.
They tried to kill Allawi, Mr Kurdish president is guarded by some 3000 Kurdish Loyal Special forces in the capital of Death Triangle.
The helicopter shot down, death of all the crew of 11, is yet another proof that, if you are not guarded VERY well you are under attack!
two years on...
more than 150K troops on ground...
some 40K Iraqi forces on ground...
8 million is in favour of some form of transplanted US democracy...
why are we still going from ill to dead?
I am not going to say anything about my feelings regarding the latest developements in Iraq as a VOTED Kurd. I would like to just express my feelings as someone who lived in IRAQ for some 19 years (well almost all in war and prisons and chemical bombs), about that specific incident and invite all of you to link to any strange reportings of this incident which does not seem to be a simple one this time!
Right now I am thinking, were all these included in the Iraqi Occuberation(echoing Kurdo) plan? or US, UK, new Iraqi gov and the rest are trying their best but ZARQAWI is (or Baathist remnansts are) more powerful than everybody else?! I hope neither is the right answer.
Is it not yet clear that this super glue-like borders of Iraq are not going to make a DEMOCRATIC country?
I wish I just knew who the hell first called this so called country "Iraq"!
p.s: I know I was supposed to say something about how the Turks saw Talabani becoming president. I promise I will still write about it. But at the moment this story is really strange!

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