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Tuesday, April 12, 2005 

Botany and Kurdistan...

A teacher of an Austrian college in Istanbul had been deprived of working permit by Turkish authorities because he used the word "Kurdistan" during a course.

Gerhard Pils, 50, was teaching biology in the Saint-Georges College, a catholic school of Istanbul. He has unwillingly caused the indignation of Turkish pupils and their relatives, when he evoked a family trip in "Kurdistan", in the east of Turkey. Two pupils rose while shouting : "We kill all those which want Kurdistan".

So the poor man has lost the right to work in Turkey for having "threatened the safety of State", though he explained that in his mind, the word "Kurdistan" had no political motives but was a geographical term frequently used in botanic.

Let's remember that the Kurdish fox, or Vulpes vulpes Kurdistanicum, has been renamed "Red fox" for the same nationalist reasons. So haughty defenders of Anatolian turcity might soonly hunt down Kurdish daisies, buttercups or bellflowers, if Nature still scoffes at the Homo Pantouranicus...

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