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Saturday, April 02, 2005 

14 years on

these days, and just hours before the next meeting of the so called national assembly, I just had a chance to sit and write these lines about what we were going through these days in 1991 while our sunni and Shia "Brothers" were enjoying there Traditional Coffes, music and belly dances with black-eyed Arab dancers around them...or pardon me if not, then having peaceful and calm prayers at luxury mosques around the country!!!
what do we demand? why we demand so much? these type of WRONG formulated pseudo-questions...

first of all...there is NOT a single person whom we DEMAND something from in Iraq, there is no one to supply anything so that Kurds will have demands, what we ask for is how we want to live in Iraq, if there is anybody who thinks we shouldnt say these then we are so happy to have our own state and build a HUUUUUGEEEE wall, even bigger and thicker than jewish ones around it so that you wouldnt even hear our Kurdish songs when we celebrate Nawroz or mourn over our past tragedies!!!

14 years ago, I was just 12, only three years after fleeing the chemical attack by our Sunni Leaders, we were told that the returned Iraqi army has already Killed everybody in Kirkuk and Hawleer and they are coming towards Slemani as well...and we had some people from Kalar and other southern areas of Iraki Kurdistan came to Slemani before, the only refuge point was towards Iran and those who were close to Turkey towards Turkey, where as Sheri Laizer says "The notes dropped at the Turkish border by the helicopters were saying Do not try to cross the border or you will be shot dead, and this message was written in several languages and also in the Local Dialect; reluctant to quote Kurdish word for the Kurmanji they had written with"
in my part, we were walking hundreds of Kilometers in rain, mud, hunger, diseases and only Kurds seen difficulty, a mass of over three million people fled assuming that the Iraqi army would execute any living Kurdish soul!!
it has NOT been a very long time since YOU did this to us, and please do not (any of you guys) tell me to open a white page and all that nonsence, we have alot to count for, I cannot listen to singer A.Karim's song about the event without tears coming down just like living those minutes of exhaustion, hunger, rainy whether but still running faster less Iraqi jets or tanks would arriver soon!!!
who on this globe has seen a father who pulls his gun and shoots his head as he cannot any more listen to his children yelling at him, dad we are hungry and cold, any of you seen or heard about anything like this?

We are a nation persecuted by YOU GUYS, yes we hate Islam because we know that it is just used for the benefit of Arabs and Turks!!! look at them, they have brainwashed everybody to learn their language, to do trades with them, to learn their so called cultures and traditions, built up Museums and libraries by non-Arab and non-Turk brain washed people like me in my earlier ages when I used to even love a girl for the sake of Arab and Turk's Allah!! where was he when millions of Kurds were about to be slaughtered by the Allahu-Akbar bearing flag??!
where was Sistani?
where was Allawi?

i cannot call this a proper post, just mixed feelings inside me, pardon me if I have been abit impolite...
ps. I liked this poem by Khatu Choman

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