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Saturday, March 19, 2005 

is it clear now?

I have been very busy but still managed to check at least hurriyetim.com.tr and zaman.com.tr under attention for the past weeks but havent read much about the Mountain Turks.
quicccckly as it is not a surprise!
I just wanted to say quickly that what we have been telling everybody and the Turkish goverment specifically regarding ITC (Irak Turkmen Cephesi) "Iraqi Turkmen Front" is about to be clear to everybody including the Turkish Army!
under a little news, this well known Turkish newspaper website says:
NO MORE support from Turkey to the lying agents! (well not in those words, but I guarantee you that that is the reason behind cutting support from ITC)

hope you will soon realise that you have a long long way to go with your new neighbours! ah and dont forget any troubles in Nawroz, will get you more French disagreement on anything related to AB(Turkish for EU)

Nawroztan Pirooz(happy nawroz)

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