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Wednesday, March 16, 2005 

Halabja 17 years on, it is pay back time!

I will be writing a brief of the commemorations both in London and the documentary exhibition in Leeds, as soon as the one in Leeds is over..but just for today's sake, when we all will stop for five minutes at 11.20 Kurdistan's time I will leave you with a photo and a saying by famous Kurdish poet, Sherko Bekas

Omar, trying to make his body a shield for his youngest son, who died before being discriminated against, imprisoned by our enemies or learn that his beloved father never had a Kurdish Army to protect him from tyranny, merciless companies and countries selling poison to Saddam; the number one Kurds enemy dictator-head.

Country of Garybaldi,
country of van Gogh,
country of...
country of...
country of...
Thanks for the present you together sent in the early morning of 16th March 1988 to the flowers, pigeons, children and poems of Kurdistan through Baghdad.
Sherko Bekas

Today it is pay back time, every single person (whatever job they had) must be brought to justice for the genocide committed against the world's biggest nation YET without a country!

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