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Monday, March 07, 2005 

I had a Kurdistan flag on my chest today

too busy preparing for the documentary exhibition on the 17th March 2005, at the University of Leeds alone is really difficult!

but these days mark the 14th Anniversary of the great Kurdish uprising in 1991 when I was a teenager, well like many other "tired from being Kurdist" dad ordered "whoever leaves home if uprising happens is NOT my son" so what do you expect? we must have stayed home!
we were all imprisoned (by dad, in our house) while outside thw wordl was changing for the first time in favour of us , who by then was tired of having worked with peshmarga and been tipped off by them as well once, he was then imprisoned by Saddam while caught in a check point with a letter from peshmargas back in the 70s.
He is a very spritual man, he was telling his dream of "I saw sun rising from somewhere else than east last night there will be a goverment change soon" , he never tells a dream if he doesnt believe it would come true, he was saying just days before the uprising. He was also saying "well everybody is aware that peshmarga are in contact with the Jash(Saddams paramilatary Kurdish force) so it is clear that they will return soon".
The best thing was, my oldest brother would be soon free to go out, as he was hiding for the past months having deserted the Iraqi army soon after the Gulf WarI broke out.
All I very well remember is we were at the centre of town, when they finished cleanign the Baatch base, the police and the rest of them, peshmargas walked into the town centre, by then dad was outside himsel so we went out and saw all them people shouting and singing Kurdish national songs, and at a point one of them went to a higher place and addressed the crowd saying "your town is now clean and free, well don you hereo Kurditan peshmargas", well these words will remain in my mind for the rest of my life!
I bet he wasnt sure about that himself, but 14 years on, well he was just right!

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