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Monday, February 20, 2006 

An End?

Death is a difficult event to handle whether it be quick or slow and painful such as the demise of this particular blog. The life of a blog depends on its authors, and the authors of this one have moved on to their own individual projects. The legacy of KBU has come to an end. It served as a place where we could all gather to find strength, and in that end the Kurdistan Bloggers Union has been enormously successful. Now life continues onward. I would like to think of this blog as a phoenix and that when the time is right (when it is needed again) KBU will arise from the ashes.

Until then, here are links to the individual authors projects as the Kurdish Dialouge will always continue:

Kurdo: Kurdo's World
Hiwa: Hiwa Hopes
Vladimir: From Holland to Kurdistan
Piling: Incoherent Thoughts and Roj Bash!
Medya: Roj Bash
Dilnareen: Iraq Blog Count
Xosh 7al: Beardie's World of Crap
Sami: An Iraqi's Thoughts
Emmunah: Peshmerga Women
Swara: Kurdish Thoughts and Learn Kurdish Online
Naz: Learn Kurdish Online
Delal: Kurdistan Blog Count

If you would like to keep up on what is going on in the Kurdish blogs in general, I have set up a Kurdish blog aggregator with links to Kurdish blogs in multiple languages, or you can check my Wednesday weekly article on Global Voices.

So, goodbye dear readers, one day we will all meet again.

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