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Friday, March 04, 2005 

Shera's Horror Dream

Shera the new Kurdish girl blogger , has seen a horror dream ...
Saddam threw the bottle on the floor and ran straight towards me and grabbed me by the hair. I was fighting back , throwing punches kicking him biting him everything that I could do. I managed to break free and just stood there, shocked that no one had come to help me, shocked that this murderer had the chance to touch me.
Saddam stood there picked up a loudspeaker that was nearby and started shouting in Arabic, the cursed language, he was calling all Arabs to come and kill me,

Saddam and Racist Arabs has done such big crimes against the Kurds the we can never forgive them , they are still on our dreams , killing us , torturing us , ... god damn them.

if you want my idea ,Kurdish Females are the the most patriot females in the world , nowhere can you seen such a brave freedom lover girls .

Dear Shera Welcome to Bloggers world...

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