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Thursday, February 24, 2005 

The Turks are well-concerned!

for the sake of even people as close as Kurdo not to mis-understand my "Turks" term, I declare this term to be "The Turkish Goverment and those who hate Kurds for no reason apart from being racists"

I was just reading a warning on www.haberturk.com , it says: "the analysis we made one week before the Iraq is being reminded once again" well I guessed it was about a Kurdish issure with no hesitation so I clicked on it and it says in brief:

Turkey at the moment is heading towards a catastrophe in the hands of a bunch of Islamists, leftists and fashion people! ...continues

Tomorrow, if the Kurds and Americans would be back to back, they can kick us out of Northerniraq. Then we will lose Kirkuk, Mosul and brother Turkomen living there for ever....continues!

This news comes after sevral critics about how the Turks (i mean them mentioned above only) have been handling their relations in Iraq and in Kurdistan (Northern iraq), and aslo how intellectuals have been advising the gov to change its whole policies in Iraq. there is now rumours and about to become true, that The Turkoman front which have not only been deceiving its owns supporters but their state supporters "Turkey" about their numbers and influence throughout Iraq and Kurdistan.
Their mistake whther it was by islamists or the others mentioned in the analysis is so big that I dont think they will be able to correct it even if they get into EU.
the other update is, almost everyday their media comes up with some quote from Barzani or some other Kurdish leader, and today they are sending their FIRST official delegate to the Mountain Turks "Kurds", who have tought them the best lesson, or as a greek reporter had written about entering Kirkuk and Mosul by peshmargas at the time of the war "a bitter pill for the Turks".
After all these and with the current powerful Kurdish bloc in the Iraq's new goverment, they are daydreaming of convincing Iraq's new president "Talabani" to re-use his old comment about Kirkuk to be a Brussels like place, which still is in our favour as we are demanding democracy (the real one!) where we will be able to decide where exactly Kirkuk lies. Even if Talabani goes for abit softer approach than Barzani's it is still a very good indication that Kurdish leaders proved it to the international community that we mean FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY and have tought the Turks a lesson of politics (remember i still know very little about this word)!

I hope in his meeting with the delegate, as described on one of the online sites which I dont remember, this time Talabani repeats the characteristic mentioned "he sometimes goes exactly in the opposite direction you might guess" and tell them:
"It is time to talk like neighbours, Kurds-Turks, and remember Kurds in northern Kurdistan are listenign to my words and Kirkuk is Kurdistan's Quds(Jerusalam)"

let me leave it here and wait for reports from the meeting!

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