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Thursday, February 17, 2005 

Serhildan in Syria, one year later....

In 2004 March, militias armed by Syrian baathists had attacked, during a Soccer play, Kurdish supporters from the city of Qamishlo. But the Kurds had counteracted with a surprising energy and violences had been propagated in the majority of the Kurdish cities. Because of the importance of that uprising, (serhildan in Kurdish), Syrian government seemed then to move back and Bashar el Asad tried to appease people's mind making a speech on TV with unusual pluralist positions. But after the end of events, the Kurds who had been arrested had not been all released, and others were arrested.
On 2005 February 15, almost one year later then, the Safety Court of State had condemned fifteen Kurds to prison sentences, of 2 or 3 years, for "attacks against authorities" (Refusing to be killed like sheeps by State militias is considered as an attack by Syria), for "belonging to a secret organisation aiming to to make annex a part of Syria by a foreign country" (shortly, Syrian Kurds are suspected of wishing to be a part of Kurdistan state, and indeed, life is so nice in Syria, that we don't understand why they would like to change), for "denominational dissensions " (I don't know why, for Serhildan was only a national revolt, not a religious one) and "incentives with sedition".
Other Kurds must appear today before the military tribunal of Damas. (source AFP).

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