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Wednesday, February 09, 2005 

cheshty mjewr

in Kurdish Cheshty Mijeewr is a dish which you add every thing you can find in the kitech:

While turkish gov is trying to make its last screams, in Kirkuk the Kurdistani list wins 218K of the total 325k votes till now, the turkey supprted Turcoman list has won only 25K votes(alot isnt it?), despite 200K kurds who were not able to vote in the Mosul council elections the Kurdistanli list has won 65.4% of the votes till now, but there is rumours that they will keep the current governor in his place! despite all the critics from Kurdistan, our lists are doing very well!

South Kurdistan is more beautiful with a wave of snow, people are enjoying it! the two lakes have a chance of saving more water although there is great effort to solve the electricity problem buy the Kurdish authorities.

The Kurdistan short film festival (II) was opened today and around 51 short films are viewed and evalutaed, the Golden Flag Reward will be given to the winners in different features.

The new Iraqi army is armed by the very old weaponery (the US is right to be afraid of a coup by literally anybody! or just the Shias?) , this is one of the most interesting things for me, as soon as we saw the new goverment and there were talks about re-arming an Iraqi army I have always feard a coup (if you ask me why, i just don know, it might be due to previous history i really dont know!), while I think it should be the Iraqis to decide what type of weapons they buy and use, at the same time as a Kurd I think this is good!

Nechirvan Barzani (PM of KRG) kindly apologised for some photos which were taken at the time of the cultural fest for our leader Qazi Muhammed and his first Kurdistan Republic as they were taken the moment when the picture fo the flag Qazi used for the republic was raisen by Mr Barzani was upside down, althgough it was corrected moments later but still some Kurdish news channels failed to broadcast the right poses! (he says, it is one of the most holy things for our nation and we will never let it be upside down!)....shame on you reporters!!

and finally KBU is doing good, we need more support and links from dear readers! I welcome any emails, stories important links you suggest!

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