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Sunday, February 06, 2005 


Rice reassures Turkey on Iraq
um do turkey own iraq?
shouldn't she be better off "re-assuring" iraqis on iraq.
I don't get it why aren't these ppl learning from their mistakes, isn't this extreme pleasing of corrupt governments and leaders what led us to this mess in the first place.
How is iraq ever gonna work if they keep trying half-ass attempts at everything to do with it
Why is everything Iraq-related ring to "we want this but not really" ?

-We want terrorism out of iraq but we will keep supporting the countries that create and export this product
-We want nuclear weapons out of the middle east but almost very country there is at some stage of developing it sometimes with their support
-We want iraq to be for iraqis yet all the decisions and opportunities related to iraq come from amman, ankara and cairo
-We are against repression of people yet we will keep assuring and comforting countries that do the same thing multiplied

I'm not saying this to please the all too popular "I am anti-american therefore I must be unique" crowd but if things keep going on like this we're gonna be stuck in the same loop forever.

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