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Monday, January 31, 2005 

not gona sleep i think

although Salahadin, the commenter is one of those might get offended and he might know me as well..
but i CANT stand Turks remarks, Koc Bank has just bought one of the biggest banks in Turkey Yapikredi, without any more research and exactly as we were discussing it with a fellow Turkish lady interpreter, the economy in there is still under the huge inflation! Mr Gull should go and look after his fate! No more dolars from IMF to spend on services let alone weapons to fight Kurds!
- does Mr Gul knows that in the goverment hospitals at the emergency situation you are asked to give your credit card details or produce cash before your injury is been dealt with by the doctors??
- does he know that every sinlge country around Turkey hates them?
- does Turkmen front know that if there wasnt Kurdistan regional gov, they would never be able to come as far as they have now?

but what made me really mad was the remarks by Mr Shia Leader, I thoguht we got rid of Saddam as he thought he was the only right person, if Mr.Revolution leader thinks he is the next rigth person, I suppose he will have some work to do near the US and UK embassies and also with the KURDISH PESHMARGAS! This time the world can not ignore the Kurdish existence and the Kurdish cause not only in Iraq but in the whole middle east!

This election is the best dagger into the heart of Syrians, Iranians and Turks who continue oppressing our nation! This is the first time in history a legal, approved Kurdistan Federal State is born! next step is undo the wrong maps!

I CANT wait to say something about what happened in Manchester, I BET you have seen londonkurd's pictures about the pro-Alqaida stubborn people. well in manchester the group who had come to Oldham road to tell the KURDS (and iraqis in general) that the election is HARAM (taboo in religous law) and were protesting the pro-coalition Kurds, they were not as lucky as they were in london, police were not able to keep them away from the angry young kurds. Apparently they were very well beaten and scatterd by the voters!
Those ppl and the Turks(racsits)will become blind by the Sun in the heart of the KURDISTAN FLAG!

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