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Saturday, January 29, 2005 

get the Cetins out of Kirkuk

I have always said they are our main enemy, just before setting off to manchester with Kurdish cloths on, fixing a Kurdistan flag on my car, I just read a short article on the Islamic Turkish Racist news portal www.zaman.com.tr
I visit there as I am a gradute from one of their (zaman news belongs to the main Noor Group formed by Fethullah Gulen who claims to follow the Kurdish Islamist Leader Sheikh Saidi Kurdi whom they deny his ethnicity!!!) private schools and I feel like they might be less racist than others. "get the Cetins out of Kirkuk" I meant get those whose names are Cetin (in Turkish means difficult) as one of the two guys who has written the short news update from Kirkuk his name is Cetiner Cetin (Young difficult difficult or something like that) now these difficulties were first planted by their racist empire the Ottomans.
They planted the Turko-mens in our land and now they declare that they are more than half of the populaiton. I think Mr.Erdogan this time lost the game to Tarzani (Talabani+Barzani), by not being a faithful ally to the US. Sticking to EU and doing every shit he can do for the sake of a better economy for the Turkish lira, of course he must be ready to accept his rich neighbour The Federal State of Kurdistan (in 12 Days time)!
- their men are watching the boxes in Kirkuk
- their reporters are dooing everything to show that there is caos
- their intelligence are providing the extremist Turko-men Front with everythign they need to fight Kurbs(Kurd+Arabs)
- they have lived on the Iraqi pipe lines rentals for so many years
- torture and human rights abuse and a gear better than Saddam behaviour against Kurds
- they do not fully recognise the elections
- they do not respect any body's decisions apart from their puppets
and one of the worst, they did NOT co-operate with the US to fight Saddam, who is in custody for ....!
well there are alot they have done wrong and bad and stupid, I just dont know why the US and the World still do not WAKE UP and get those difficult gues out of Kirkuk.
I am off to secure 7 seats for the Kurdish diaspora (210K we are doing good job)

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