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Sunday, January 16, 2005 

Iraqi elections introduce bribing ppl?!

now this is exclusive to KBU from www.kurdmix.com
kurdmix.com is a Kurdish online chilling radio with live pop music (most of the time) the guys there some times have banners and also links to articles and other sites, so in their post splash screen you would usually see a short writing about a current matter, in these days it had abit saying that:
voting in Iraqi elections = being an Iraqi .....equation 1
being an Iraqi = shame .....equation 2, clearly based on equation 1
do not vote .....given 1 and 2 this is what you should do!

The site now claims that the http://www.iraqocv.org/ guys have bribed them with 500$ to remove the second equation above, and also 250$ for asecond of advertisement about the elections, but courageously they have declined both offers and the radio is still encouragin us not to vote to be in an Iraq where Arabs are the majority and we have had nothing gives hope in history in favour of Kurds and Kurdistan.
interesting isnt it?
It is worth saying that when I checked this http://www.iraqocv.org/ I was very happy to see the Kurdish part as well, but then came the same frustration I had when I checked the Iraqi goverments official website Kurdish part, which is written by some guys who are not Kurdish natives (I swear to Kurdistan) they just want to mock with our language, they do not know if there is a Kurdish encoding, they do not know if they have a script problem they should not replace it with the nearest Arabic letter and much more! so I decided to give them a call, and an Arab speaker answered and as I happily started speaking Kurdish he said I could divert you to the Kurdish speakers and I said i dont mind but yea it is related to Kurds so please do so. then comes a non-native Kurdish speaker who hardly understands me, and I ask about the voting centres and the Kurdish pages of their site, and he says, kaka we cant do anything write to the email and I say it wont be read, he says well then I dont know!
finally I had this feeling, WE NEED YOU JUST TO VOTE, nothing else we will do the rest, soon there will be the security services and the Intelligence and the oil revenue will be the priority! who gives a shit if your language is used or not used or thrown to the bin...
i dont know how we might become the president or prime minister? just how? he wont be elected for sure as maths prove that Arabs wont vote for a Kurdish candidate and nationalism proves that 5<15

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