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Sunday, January 09, 2005 

Criticism is good

since the media darlings of the middle east (in both arab and foreign press) only come in two flavours... racist bastards and ignorant racist bastards, i think it is a relief to actually know that regular ppl in the region don't have the same unnecessary need to constantly humiliate themselves,
See thing is that never comes out often enough is that here in the middle east alot of ppl are very critical of theirgovernments (which could possibly explain why throughout the ages alot of effort and money has been exhausted on "controlling" that aspect)

With the internet these criticisms have become more visible, for example in the aftermath of the tsunami disaster alot of arabs started reacting to how little the arab world has contributed to it (at the time the entire donations came to a total of $53 mn while japan alone had donated $500 mn). So we get news articles, one particulariliy good one was from elaph entitled "Al Da'aiya Sandra Bullock (may God protect her)" (Da'aiya is a name for someone who knows alot about islam and teaches ppl about... this was a satirical reference to how she's done moe than supposed muslims and religious figures ever could)

as for the internet, blogs like mahmood's made some great remarks and forums like bbcarabic have your say forum (which i've translated some snippets from below) have some interesting ones as well

And i dunno but it seems to have worked, cos' days after that tv channels started broadcasting live telecasts to raise money and some counries tried the usual "anything you can do i can do better" (well at least this time it was actually useful)

Theres no exact final figure but some claim that it probably has multiplied 5 fold to the original donation ($53 mn).. bbc mentions something about it here

Of course the only question remains of whether this money will atually get there, but hey at least one step forward for each 10 back.

Comments from bbc arabic

"To all those who claim that western countries donated and are still donating aid to the victims of this eaqrthquake are doing it soley for other reasons than for God's sake, may I ask whether the money donated by islamic and arabic countries to fund terorrism and murder is done to please God?"
Dina, Australia

"what do you expect from some arab countries that just display numbers of donation from westeren countries and criticize by saying that they just do it for politicial reasons"
Bewar, Baghdad

"the arab countries didn't offer as much as they counld to humanity for this disaster, i even began wishing to hold a japanese passport or any other just so that i could help the victims of this tragedy"
Ahmed Rashed ,Saudia Arabia

"I live in a small european country, the nationals here have raised over 30 million euros (not including the governments donation ),and that is how the west who live under american imperialism and follow the zionist agencies and the mossad try to provide life and support to victims including the muslims of indonesia. As for us (and i mean arabs and muslims) we do not provide these kinds of services but we can provide other things like .. terrorists, suicide bombers,beheaders, mortars, car bombs and terror funding"
Saleem, Holland

"I wish our brothers in arab countries could see what i see in france, everyone's donating.. media, government, school students, places of worship even in prison ppl are colleting donations. I have learned here the true meaning of togetherness here and i hope one day we will be able to teach our children that giving is better than taking."
Rami Yousef, France

"Why did western countries rush to help the victims (whom were mostly muslim) and there was no fatwa to ban these humanitarian efforts? And why didn't al-quaeda help the muslims in malaysia and indonesia? is it only iraqis that need "saving"? Or should we just be experts in killing and slaughtering.When it comes to humanitarian efforts we just see western countries making an effort while we're busy with our fatwas"
Imad kamal, Egypt

"To answer back to mr Imad kamal: thse ppl are just busy exploding cars and learning how to behead someone while he is begging their mercy. We have moved so far away from the teaching of our prophet and Quran that taught us mercy before everything. Give and have mercy then God will have mercy on you. I am a muslim who fear God but now we only have muslims by name and association"
Rita , Lebanon

"I would like to reitrate what some islamists or more accurately ppl who hide behind islam say, An imam in one of baghdads mosques , who btw supports the resistance, in a friday sermon said that God has sent a prophet to attack those beaches. A supposed muslim rejoices to the deaths of thousands of women children and familes while the
kaffir countries like america , the uk and others are donating by millions"
Muhammed Baghdady, Baghdad, Iraq

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