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Wednesday, December 29, 2004 

a Letter from me to Mr M. Al-Obaidi

I will send you a Link mr Obaidi..lets go personal if you like

Mr.Mohammed al-obaidi or I should say Mr. Knows Nothing Al-Jazeera Drugged, writes on Al-Jazeers probably thinking that Kurds are still sleeping in the mountains and will not be able to read what he writes about them, here he writes about My Town's genocide before saying anything else I should say that Dr.N.O.Karim is going to sue you legally for your allegations on him in your article on the antiKurdish channel Al-jazeera.
Mr.Al-Obaidi lives in UK and just like other Arabs he is here to exchange his arabic IDs and passports to the breeze of freedom in UK. That is why he can speak english, too. I wil study his background and will write more about this Chemical Ali supporter.
Mr. you are not the first person to say this and we all know very well that you got those information from your imprisoned dictator Saddam. Let me just tell you without any proof, just by looking at your writing how you cant fabricate the story:
first of all, why going all the way round to Israel and coming back to the war on Iraq, you should have had it in your dummy mind that we shouted this genocided but no one heard us as soon as it happened and we have cassettes and voices proving the attack's launching order. Talking about Kurdish leaders has nothing to do with the order from the Council of Command in your previous regime, they knew nothing about it, and the israeli Kurdish organisations and any links between us if there are any, were all formed after the world was shocked (except arabs like you) by the chemical attack on Halabja.
Linking our cause to your coward attitude against Israelis and your incapableness of fighting them changes nothing of the fact that you guys killed 5000 people of my nations, go on and get objective evidence Mr.Translator, as your colleague I am sworn to say the truth not to fabricate anything!
"Pelletiere's report also said that international relief organisations that examined the Kurdish refugees in Turkey failed to discover any gassing victims." you wrote..
For Arab Leaders Sake, just tell me where did you get this? where there any Halabjaeean fled to Turkey? or there was no survival route apart from going up on to the mountains or flee to Iran, Turkey for your information is hell away from Halabja and there is no way to get to Turkey unless you might have thought that Iraqi army helped us pass through the mountains by jets or through the cities by super confortable buses and took us to Turkey Mr.Aljazeera Drugged!
...look at this comment Mr:
""And it is an especially crucial issue right now. We say Saddam is a monster, a maniac who gassed his own people, and the world should not tolerate him. But why? Because that is the last argument the US has for going to war with Iraq.""
you are dumb, clumsy and knows nothing, USA's last argument has never been that and the wold knows that they went in to Iraq because you guys needed a lesson and that is why it was launched, dont you still get it that your butts must be kicked then you behave humanly?

I am not a professional in gasses and stuff, but I survided it by the coal we used as soon as we started coughing, but if you dont believe the HRW reports then continue your arabic translations and if you have time take your professionals and you personally go to Halabja, ask the people to direct you to where C.Ali is going to be tried at, may be you could defend him, as you seem to be a very good solicitor.
CHAK will be in contact with you soon!

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