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Sunday, December 19, 2004 

only getting worse

Is it just me or are these elections as ominous as how iraq was just before the war. thinking of it things were actually more relaxed than this pre-war, I mean then we could call iraq and we would get the usual "no Biggy" talk from relatives (my relatives in iraq and kurdistan are the type that usually minimize anything and everything), but now its more "we don't know to be honest". I am all for elections but somebody provide these ppl with safety. Look at the level its arrived to.. look how in control these animals are when they can pull election workers out of their car on a busy street and kill them execution style without anyone doing anything about it. Its sick and its pathetic.
And you know how ppl go on about these secret organizations that act like a cult and rule the world.. like zionism, freemasonry and that odd yale group they kept talking about during elections that both bush and kerry belonged to (I'm not even sure it was yale but something around this idea). Ok here's one which I think is more vile that the other... human rights organizations. Ok laugh.. u done. Now here's my explanation... these human rights laws... when and where have they actually protected innocent human beings...they didn't protect the Kurds under saddam (or iraqis for the matter) the kurds in turkey syria or iran, they didnt protect chileans under pinochet and now they're not protecting the ppl of darfur from the sudanese government, so what exactly is there point there. On the other hand look at these ppl milosovic, pinochet, saddam, the ba'ath and the criminals in iraq. Could they be any more protected. And these ppl have the nerve to go on about how the court is not legitimate. If I was judge in the saddam trial i'll just give each of them a chance to play russian roulette with a loaded machine gun, though that would make their death too easy. I know its not the organizations exactly that are responsible (well partly) its the way they allow other ppl to use their laws.

For example Qassim Daud at a press conference was asked how come you can't at least execute these ppl, he was like what can you do we catch them red-handed doing the act and all the EU countries come up to us with all these human rights laws threatening us to not write off our debts if we even show a picture of one of them.

Sometimes its just better to forget the entire thing, you know leave iraq for a bit... like today we were watching this show on Roj Tv about Shano, a kurdish dance group, who were trying to make it to the edinburgh fringe festival. (To those interested here is some info about the troubles they had getting there and here is a mini-bio of the guy behind it )... and seriously it was really good and when they finally showed them dancing it was great... According to my dad they do more through their dancing for the kurdish cause than any political party can. I wish I could find a video of the thing. So basically it was one hour of a really good show then it finished and we switched on to other channels and we get the news of kurds being killed in kirkuk (kurds again being treated like sub-humans in their own city), kurds not being allowed to vote in kirkuk (yeah and 70,000 as well), iraqis dying on the street and in mosques, iraqis getting beheaded and iraqis getting kidnapped. These are the times when you see how different kurdistan is from the rest of Iraq... I mean in kurdistan a music festival just wrapped up in iraq its just death,death,death ok i know kurdistan is not perfect but its heavenly compare to that. And you wonder why kurds aren't even willing to integrate... honestly if this was your country would you?

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