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Thursday, December 16, 2004 

Halbaja Anthem -- updated

I was searching for kurdish songs to post on kbu a while back when I came across this site that had a song from a concert in the anniversary of the halabja massacre. Now it has been a really long time since I've heard it and honestly it is one of the most moving songs I have heard

To those who aren't exactly sure what halabja is but keep hearing it thrown around for the past two year's here is a flash file that summarizes it very well. And remember that this was just part of a campaign that systematically destroyed 4,500 villages and cities and taken over 180,000 lives all at the hands of a government that everyone is scurrying to defend at this moment. Wonder how our new found lovers of freedom (only for criminals mind you) will defend Mr poor victim of imperialism once the bastard's on trial next week. Though actually at this point I won't be surprised if acts like this happen again and again since the ppl with this mentality are to this day are taught that they can kill as much as they want and still be considered victims. And at the level that brainwashing is spreading there is very little chance that these people will ever evolve.

Now this is what is great about this song, it is the total other extreme of what these beings stand for. Even with all the injustice and oppression inflicted by the baath and its supporters, there were no suicide bombings , no constant calls for death, no live-link beheadings none of that... Just a concert with a beautiful and haunting song and that is the huge difference between them and us.

Check this song out for yourself ... it takes a few seconds to become clear. Also anyone know the full lyrics of this song (or where to get them), that link above was for the 1999 med tv concert, the original one was performed back in either 1991 or 1992.

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