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Wednesday, December 08, 2004 

For feet's sake jail the monkey

Mullah Krekar could be linked to Allawi attack plot

How many times time are they going to let him free , he's a co-founder of ansar al islam, what are these ppl doing protecting him

Somehow these countries who've assisted turkey (and previously iraq) in stripping away the basic human rights from kurds are suddenly crapping out all types of rights in order to protect this simian

It's not like the git's even grateful; even though he's lived in one european country and obtains the nationality of another he comes up with compost like this:

In an interview that took place in June 2001, Mullah Krekar described Osama Bin Laden as the "jewel in the crown of the Muslim nation".

He has also described democracy as "heresy from beginning to end".

Oh and like every other dingy islamist he traffics drugs to fund his cause
Instead of complaining why muslims and foreigners don't mix into their culture why can't they at the same time stop defending garbage like this

What it is with mullah title that makes them so lovable in europe, I mean yes they exist elosewhere but they don't get away with half the stuff these european versions do.
I mean look at this Sheikh Hamza, Caliphate of Cologne (until earlier this year) and Omar Bakri all have impending death and arrest warrant in their home countries are yet are protected by millions of dollars worth of security and even more amnesty laws.

If norway needs to do some cost-cutting why don't they just send Krekar to kurdistan. I'm pretty sure keeping him in any kurdish city town centre for more than 2 mins would do the trick. And the kurds don't have this "oh he’s one of us so we must protect him" the same way the others do this is more "unfortunately u are a kurd that’s exactly why you'll be getting this treatment"
And to adapt it to his mentality, he can get the Islamic punishment as well, since anything democratic is heresy

How come kurds without the mullah title get lampooned constantly in these countries (ok fair enough there's was a shamreful amount fraudsters and black market/"eeshy rash" workers from the last generation of refugees) but even they don't get discrimination act protecting the mullahs.

Take the Ay family for example; they were kurdish asylum seekers from turkey. What democratic treatment did they receive? They've spent 15-16 years to get any sort of asylum in europe. The family with children where kept in a detention center in scotland for over a year, the father was deported to germany then to turkey where he subsequently disappeared (as most kurds in turkey do), where was the uproar then
How many people have heard of their story anyway?
Though there is a sorta happy ending ... after they were deported to germany a court was kind enough not to send them back to turkey

Back on the topic of islamists, the attack on the US embassy in jeddah. Look how the terms change when you switch the word iraq with saudi.
These people were criminals instead of legitimate resistance against a puppet government, no cleric came up to sign a petition for more jihad on american targets, not one human rights peep over the killing of the jihadis, families of the criminals didn't receive their little congratulatory telegram on their martyred son, no newspaper articles and op-eds showing us the view from a poor disheartened jihadi, the policemen killed were considered dead because they were doing their job, instead of rightfully killed dogs who serve the american purpose.

And this from the country who created all the ideologies, funny world.

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