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Wednesday, December 01, 2004 

A terrorist is dead Part II

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I appreciate Mehmet Ali Birand's papers from Turkish Daily News. I don't think that this man is a pro-Kurds, but he is what Kurds need : a CLEVER adversary, able to see his own interest and so able to negociate (better than stupid allies, I guess). I copy here his comments on Uxur's assasination, because each paper change everyday..

Road to EU passes from Mardin

Ahmet Kaymaz was 30 years old. He was a truck driver in Mardin's Kiziltepe area. He was known as a Democratic People’s Party (DEHAP) member. Some members of his family were approached to become village guards, but they refused. "

Here I explain for those who don't know what is a village guard : a more or less press-gang who has to track and fight guerilla and its supporters, an old tactic : Making kill Kurds by Kurds. Refusing to become a village guardian could expose to many troubles, as we see.

His son, Ugur Kaymaz, was 12 years old. He was a primary school student. He was a good student with a good attendance record.

In a police operation last week, both Ahmet and Ugur Kaymaz were killed. Thirteen bullets were extracted from the body of Ugur. Nine of the bullets were fired from a distance of 50 centimeters and aimed at his back. There was a gun found near Ugur. According to his teacher, he was not grown up enough to carry such a weapon.

13 bullets, it is quite too much for "just a mistake". But shoting from a distance of 50 cm makes difficult to state self-defence.

The Mardin governor announced that these two individuals had died in a firefight. Ugur, who was wearing slippers at the time, took part in it. That was what the governor was saying. Ugur’s mother claimed that the last time she saw her son alive was when a security officer was pushing on her son’s neck with his foot. Ugur’s teacher, who ran towards the scene after hearing gunshots, corroborated her statements.

Now is the time to listen to your conscience. This is the time to sift through the reports, to find the truth and to prove this was no assassination. We are talking about a 12-year-old boy who was killed in front of his house while saying goodbye to his father on his way to another truck run. We are talking about a father who had to stay away from his home for months to make ends meet.
The truth should be uncovered. No one should be protected or hidden from justice. The series of laws we call the Copenhagen criteria is a lifestyle. In short, it is democracy. Democracy is a regime deserved by all in the country. The government is facing a test of sincerity. The way to prove that democracy really has been established in Turkey lies in the efforts to investigate the Kaymaz murders. The road to the EU does not pass through Brussels but through Kiziltepe in Mardin.

Mehmet Ali Birand.

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