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Wednesday, December 01, 2004 

It took time, but at least they achieved it !

Later is better than never... for the next elections in Iraq (in January if they are not delayed) both mastodons-parties of Federal Kurdistan, the PUK and the KDP, present a common list.

Advantage ? Until now, in the provisional government, Kurds could impose their point of view on many questions, though they were a minority (about federalism, veto, refusing the entrance of Turkish troops in Iraq), for they were united, facing divided Arab political circles.

Disadvantage ? Of course, it will reinforce the quite royal supremacy of both parties, and as in 1992, smaller parties will protest ; it could encourage nepotism and corruption (see Avas,în's post)... But in that moment, I think that the power of these parties is necessary for national elections. Later, it will time to start a cleansing of political life inside a federal Kurdistan of which prerogatives would be guaranteed by the Constitution.

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