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Friday, December 10, 2004 


No not the japanese dish that sometimes doesn’t even contain fish (california roll u confuse me) but a spoof nickname for ppl who are half sunni half shiia, the first time i heard it I thought it was a euphemism for something. And I hate when something comes up that’s obviously new but ppl go on about it as if they've had it all along "c'mon u don't know sushi?", and its funny with ppl going about saying "I'm a sushi he’s a sushi she's a sushi"
Trust it to be iraqi since its related to food, more of a case of ah so u want us to segregate fine but leave the decision to our digestive system.
I wonder if there are other dishes to be made of all the other mixes of ethnicities the country has been divided into so far :Assyrian, Chaldean, Kurdish, Sabei, Shia, Sunni, Turkmen, Yezidi (apologies if I missed anything out here)

The thing is alot of iraqis are half and half, though much fewer during this generation cos' some ppl came along and decided even marriages could be used as political bonus points. Just thinking of all the Iraqis we know, we definitely are a mixed bunch. I remember my mother telling me in her uni years there was this indian-movie love story between a sabei and shiaa, unfortunately it didn't end like an indian story and they couldn't get married... no major fight scenes either or dancing on hilltops... why did i use this metaphor anyway.

Though until the last few years I wasn't aware of this deep split between the others, I mean yeah we know they are different for example like the kurds and arabs but thats not from a racist point of view, genealogically speaking we have more in common with german and finns than with arabs. But what I mean is that recently its got to a point where I hear ppl saying any fault there is with an iraqi is due to his ethnicity, "yeah but he's a *insert race* what do u expect, they're all like that you see". And it was only few years back that ppl were asking oh are u shia or sunni. And how each person from these groups have silly beliefs and how they are conjuring plans against each other. What is it with these ppl when they wanna feel proud of their origins it should mean humiliating others. I mean from my perspective yes I am very proud to be Kurd but that doesn't mean I should go find a group of people who have done nothing to me and start picking on them… hmm maybe this a method used for people who have nothing else to be proud of then.
And to add to it there's talk of a civil war starting, though the ones still talking about a civil war now are the ones who have been dreaming about it since April 9. And as far I'm aware there’s only one group causing all the problems in Iraq yes the majority of this group are sunni arabs but more specifically saddamites and islamists who don't care if Iraq is wrecked as long as heir hero isn't in power. And if a civil war means everyone turning against them then be it.

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