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Thursday, December 23, 2004 

Seasons Greetings

Odd title for such a horrible year, but I'm weird like that
So how about using the holiday season as an excuse to add a light touch to all this. This traditionally could be done by posting pictures or stuff written by kids who can't spell, wont do that.. partly cos dyslexia isn't cute. Or by exploiting a pet... u know dress it up in something u shouldn't and put it into something odd like a basket or cloth liner or something.. like this site for example am not even sure if it's real, check out that second pic.. the "cat" needs exorcism and fast

No instead humor... humor is good, humor doesn't steal ure food and it doesn't necessarily hurt your eyes so here are few links that are bound to get a laugh

John Fanzine:
Definitely has the funniest stuff I've ever read on the web. Though the funniest ones I found are thrown in the drivel barn section. Like "Page the Oracle"... pure genius, memories of so many wasted hours trying to follow shows of that caliber.

But check the other sections out like the TV wonder and Gloopy Minstrel.

as for visual, group x have finally released a new video (well kinda new, wasn't aware of it till brothers forwarded it)

also homestarruner:
an ace animation site , especially the sbemails (like the japanese cartoon and video games one) and the "teen girl squad" cartoons in the toons section, the most random animation ever made.

Other site are available under the really funny but not relate section in the sidebar

I may not be able to post for the next 2 weeks so an advanced merry christmas, happy new year and according to hallmark kwanzaa and national mentoring month

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