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Thursday, January 06, 2005 

Oh sorry, just a friendly fire...

Via Kurdo and KurdishMedia the apalling story of an American military operation as stupid as useless. Shortly : because the American command in Iraq heard that some terrorists were hidden in Erbil, the Kurdish capital, in the Citadel more precisely, in the university more precisely, in the dormitory more precisely, they attacked the place with four helicopters, injuring four students and a woman. Inside, no terrorist, not at all. And it seems that no one among the Kurdish forces have been informed of that glorious operation, and according to the Kurdish Interior Minister, Kerim Sinjari, the Coalition forces in Mosul were not more informed like the American forces in Erbil. Great coordination.

Propbably no more than a stupid mistake, but could we imagine a campus in an American university, attacked like that, just because the presence of dangerous elements is suspected inside ? I imagine the indignant and general caws of all the nation, caring of their brood in danger... But the problem with an occupying army is that it operates in a foreign country, inevitably. Then it pays less attention to public opinion.

As told Clémenceau, war is too serious for being entrusting to military. A fortiori post-war periods.

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