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Wednesday, December 29, 2004 

Building a Hospital they found a Mass-grave

Now this would be very good for ppl like Mr.Al-Obaidi who enjoys the freedom by the UK authorities while backbiting them on al-jazeera, claiming that Saddam was a hero and Bush is the bad-guy: here you are sir, you had no son,daughter, wife or parents been burried alive right? so you shut up and continue charging ppl 25 Sterlings for 100 arabic words you translate in stockton on tees and pray for Tony Blair not to kick you ass and send you back to the camels...
"SULEIMANIYAH, Iraq, Dec 29 (AFP) - 16h30 - Labourers digging the foundations for a new hospital in Kurdish northern Iraq uncovered a mass grave on Wednesday containing an estimated 60 bodies, local officials said"

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