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Thursday, January 13, 2005 

At least, Baathist regime was not so inhuman...

"Don't you agree ?t .... Or if it had been so barbarous, all Iraqis would be dead, and at least Saddam's regime was pro-laicist, and built a lot of motorways."

Don't worry I don't catch fever paludism ! I just translate a current scandal in France about the far-rightisqt leader Jean-Marie Le Pen, telling that "nazi occupation in France was not so inhuman". All the country rises up indignantly. But I remember the huge demonstration in 2003 against the war, where we could see a bunch of Saddam's pictures in the ranks... And particularly that cliché we can hear everywhere, read in European clear consciences, in these sites so fond of counting Iraqi victims during American occupation (but less for counting the victims of our old good Arab policy, so typically French...).

If I talk about the French far-rightist leader, it is because of him, I had to vote for Chirac in 2002, avoiding to have a fascist for president... So I confirm to my Kurdish friends that in a fair democracy, it is a rare event when you are absolutely happy of your choice. In general, you vote for the less worse list...

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