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Tuesday, January 11, 2005 

Hotel Iraq

Anyone else heard of this series, it was on kurdsat and it had the ppl from Barnamay Barnama (kurdish sketch show) and Caricature (an arab iraq sketch show from iraqi Al-Sharqiya channel) it's in both lanaguages kurdish and arabic, and yeah when the conversations happen in both lanaguages it is funny. From what I saw i think its a comedy about a hotel owned by kurds and arabs, with of course a political undertone (hotel being like the country and the way they're trying to share it). If anyones seen this show what do they think about it?

Though while searching for this show on the net and failing i tried keying in anything to do with kurd arab iraqi and comedy and i came across these articles instead "Who Won't Be Making Jokes About WMD" and this a much lighter one from before the war "The joke's on Saddam"

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