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Friday, January 28, 2005 

They need us.

Hello all, I have not posted on here in a while since all the material has been great on the site and with the large number of writers I just wanted to write when I felt it was necessary. Well today I voted and of course I voted in the end for 130 but it wasn't an easy choice. In the end of the day it comes down to the simple fact that Kurdish leaders are the Kurdish people's best hope. My reasons for voting elsewhere were based on the fact that lefts face all the Kurdish leadership needs reform.

The level of nepotism and corruption that people who come and go to southern Kurdistan talk about is beyond belielf. The everyday person is losing out to all those in power and contracts and the best lands are being given to the well known and wealthy. I as a person do not believe in status and good family or poor family, but in our society unfortunately this is pre-dominantly the case. Maybe it will be slow the reform but sadly I do not see it happening for a while but these are internal Kurdish problems.

Not voting for 130 would have meant I give them one less vote and with the 'every vote counts theory' I would have made it even harder for things such as Kirkuk's status to go the way I hope it does.

The expierience was to say the least fun since I live in an Arabic country and the majority of the staff working are Arabs. I got pissed during registration at this one Arabic guy who works there because I can tell he was a racist and he jokingly said why do all Kurds vote for Kurdish leaders etc..... so today he was standing at the door I was going to vote in. He didn't remeber me at first and asked me which number room am i in? I was like min la jooooreee nooooom.... which is kurdish for i am in room 9 and he was like WHAT? I said it three times in Kurdish and said in English thast my Iraqi language just to get his blood boiling I loved it. Then I walked in and asked them in ARABIC if i could get a Kurdish to Arabic translator as I was just doing it to gauge the reaction's staff. They are all not laughing but I was loving it....... I went on and ticked the box 130 and then all the staff was like congrats mabrook like I had just got married... I was like I have voted in the Canadian elections before and anyways I did not want to be congratulated by a mix of former ba3thee supporters and a few good people. I continued loudly speaking Kurdish to further agitate those in the corridors..... It felt good because its then they realise we do have our own language and are a seperate race. I just hope my vote doesn't go to waste with the policies that the Kurdish leadership carrise out for us.

The best part is that it looks like the Kurds will have between 20-25 percent of the vote thereby ensuring for any thing to b e passed the arabic secular left parties or the arabic religious right parites NEED US to get their agendas through. Its like the Kurds are that beautiful girl that two men who have never been with a woman before will try their hardest to appease and spoil and in the end the woman (Kurdistan) will lead a happy and safe life thanks to that. Take care of yourselves and khwa7afee. :)

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