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Tuesday, February 01, 2005 

Tumai, Lucy, Muhammad and Turks

The former Turkish minister for Culture, Namik Kemal Zeybek, is a big name in history, indeed.I hope strongly that there are a lot of guys like him, because when they enter in EU, they could entertain us, other member countries which have not so funny politicians...

In a conference entitled “The New World Order and Turkey", Namik Kemal Zeybek stated that "Mumhammad the Prophet was Turk". Sure that it will help to make Turks more popular in Middle-East, especially in Iraq where they want badly to intervene ... But don't worry he explains us all his theories, because ignorant people don't seem to realize that "the most important nation during the last eight thousand years were Turks and Turks taught civilization to humanity".

And then the Raelian sect is very annoyed because everybody know that it is extraterritorial people who civilized us, pss... !

For, as continues that big name of Ancient History, "the roots of Turkish nation extend back from Sumerians" (firt Mesopotamian culture, which everybody would like to claim as their own Grand-Ma' but unfortunately its language belongs to an unknown linguistic group and is not Turanian, then). Zeybek concludes : “Our Prophet Muhammad had roots from Sumerians, too. Consequently, Prophet Muhammad was a Turk also.”


Personnaly, I find this guy is a bit half-hearted in his nationalism, because if he would be really zealous, he could have show us that Lucy and Tumai were Turks also ... But that lazy man stopped halfway up.

But well, let's continue " The history of the world began with Turks. Ottomans ruled the world during 600 years" (All the world ? Strange that Chinese people never noticed it) "and everybody in many great countries respect Ottomans." Names ! Names !?! For one of the most backward-looking positions against the adhesion of Turkey in UE is precisely the memory of the Great Turk assaulting Vienna and oppressing Central Europe, etc. As for countries in the Middle-East, Ottomans remind them the big massacres at the end of the 19° and the beginning of the 20° century. In fact, only a few number of nations and religious minorities in that region were not victims of the last Ottomans. I even believe that a "Black Legend" hides the reality of this empire who was not so bad from the 16° to the 18° century. But well, Young Turks let so such memories that a Kurdish friend told me his grandmother believes that the language spoken in hell is Turkish... Very admired state, then...

Then, the eminent former minister for Culture explains to European and American people, who are unawared of their prestigious genealogy : "The roots of citizens living in Western countries nowadays are Turks also".

For those who read Turkish all the speech is here :

By the way, if Turkey enters in EU one day, and if one of these rare birds becomes minister for Universities and education, there will have a bunch of troubles to harmonize teaching programs between Europeans students ...

And now, you can imagine how much it's still hard to claim that you are a Kurd, not a Turk, a Kurd ! if you live in Great Civilizers of Humanity's Land.

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