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Saturday, February 05, 2005 

The future of Christians in Northern-Iraq...

... might be in Kurdistan more than in Northern-Iraq...

The Kurds and the Christians from S,êxan, a qeza of a wilayet of Mosul, have wished to be integrated in the Kurdish region. Representatives of three religions (Yezidis, Christians, Muslims) and secular representaives want to create an sub-prefecture (qeymaqam) that will be independant from Mosul. The sub-prefect, Dr. Basel Coqî has thus stated that they don't want to belong to the West-northern wilayet of Mosul anymore, and be a part of the federal Kurdish Region.

The reasons of that grumbling ? Well, during the elections, for example, people of S,êxan waited all the day for the material of votes, ballots, etc., without result. A regrettable « forgetfullness » of Mosul ? More over, pressure and threatenings increase against Christians and Kurds in this region and the city. These "minorities" claim to face a strong aggressivity from their "Arab sunni brothers". Students in Mosul, - Kurdish or Christians - rather to go to Kurdish universities, inErbil, for example. More and more, Christian population flee to Kurdistan, at a such point that the Kurdish Reginal Governement stated that it is a "priority" to welcome and shelter these fugitives.

Well, Christians, Kurds (Muslims or Yezidis) in Mosul seem to be fed up of "Arabian/muslim brotherhood". And it is probable that S,abaks and Turkmens are not more comfortable... For that reason, clamors from Ankara, warning Kurds' seizure of Kirkuk, against other minorities' interests, sounds a bit funny, for as notices Kirkuk-Kurdistan, if things go on like that, Kurdish region will grow more and more, without Kurds need to move a finger, only because of population's wish to live freely and in safety, with their own language or religion, under Kurdistanis' rule.

And finally, the Question of Kirkuk will be resolved by itself, when most of its inhabitants ask to be a part of Kurdistanis' land.

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