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Tuesday, February 01, 2005 

Next Step

The purple mark of freedom has slowly turned into black dots across my finger looking like a mix between skin disease and sodomised jeeqna (pigeon feci)

But back on topic i am still so amazed at how well the elections went in iraq. You know what the coolest bit was... that 2 years have been spent trying to show how iraq was a no hoper and how iraqis were a bunch of gun-tooting ak-47 fondling, saddam appeasing bunch that are not fit to handle the strange world of democracy, yet they managed to throw all those lies back at them by simply showing up to vote In kurdistan it seems like everyone voted, including my grandmother who has trouble walking, luckily the election workers there helped her a great deal

In fact even kurds who opposed the idea of elections, because they saw these new leaders as a diluted version of saddam, voted. Their idea was something like "they make us do all the work but we're always the first to get kicked out". Long history of betrayal there but they were referring to the most recent incident where the governing council (the one before allawi’s government), most of whom took refuge in kurdsitan during saddams era, were rushing to remove the federal clause from Iraq’s transitional law.

But kurds made it a party nonetheless, honestly they only showed up to the theme of Daf and Zourna. I't good to know that the dancing became a universal theme across iraq, even in baqouba and baghdad. Notice again how actions speak louder than words, ppl dancing and jumping about sure threw away all these rumours of iraqis being forced to vote for various reasons

But what was even more amazing was the story of the roughly 7000 fallujans who voted, imagine living in a jihadi hellhole and actually voting. Another surprise was the high turnout in mosul, if you remember it was deemed to be the next fallujah

What would the turnout have been if there were no insurgents or terrorists, but then again without these degenerates and their mouthpieces we would have had a much much better iraq by this point.

Those 44 ppl who died giving their vote should be treated as true martyrs, i really believe something should have been made in their honour and i can't believe there are ppl out there who are so bitter about a prosperous iraq that even ticking boxes seemed like a threat to them. Just Sad

Well the iraqi ppl have played their part now its time for the leaders to keep up their end of the deal. I really hope that we don't get robbed of the joy of these elections the same way the fall of baghdad and saddams capture did. I noticed that 2 things need to happen so that things stay that way.
-The vote count must be fair and untampered with (especially those in most ME countries)
-And more importantly if the first part is true then no sore losers

Why is the second bit important? Mainly cos' you will be giving room for more chaos
If one bitter group claimed that the elections were fraudulent, we would end up where we started. The media (most of which seem to be in mourning now) will have a heyday and don’t even get me started on those terrorists and their supporters
Remember this is Iraq no one cares whether your information is correct or not, all you need to do is scream it loud enough.

And you know that talk of civil war that everyone seems to be salivating for, well this is the perfect opportunity to disappoint them. Usually civil wars are started by power hungry simians who just won’t let go (remember a certain milosevic) but they are somehow rewritten as being caused by different groups who've suddenly discovered they don't like each other.

The people are different and they are going to stay that way, if we get a government that accepts that and learns to respect its needs then these problems would end in no time.

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