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Wednesday, February 16, 2005 

More potpourri

My small potpourri part deux
Dilnareen made me think about old times and dancing:). I started to post in the comments section, but decided to post on the blog instead because it's too long for comments.

Yes I knew of Rafik Hariri, but had lost track of what happened with him. When I heard the news I got a lump in my throat. I can not stand to see another beautiful place torn apart again. Beirut was rebuilt with so much care, and by the hands of the people and I always feel triumphant when I hear that story. Mr. Hariri was part of that too and I can't see why anyone would do this to him. My heart goes out to his family. I think he has seven children. He can go to his rest knowing that he served his country well.

When I was younger there was a restaurant that had middle eastern musicians there and the owner was from Beirut. He showed me so many pictures, and was so proud of his homeland and all of the art and music for the Lebanon. All of the families from Lebanon and from Israel and the Jews of Arab backgrounds and even several Armenian families and Greek families came to the restaurant, and we danced together. We even danced the hora together. We all clapped with one another. We threw money on one another and no talk of bad relations. Those were beautiful days. I wrote a bit about Mr. Hariri too, cause he deserved to be honored by many yes?

Yes, Dilnareen is right, any excuse for dancing is fine with me!

I danced on election day outside on my porch, and my neighbors did not know what to think. I did not care! I played some Kurdish music that I could not even figure out, and I did not care! I danced and laughed and wished that I were not alone in my celebration. Who could have known though? The early morning hours all they said on the box was that there were no voters coming, and then there were bombs, and my heart sank. But when I saw the blue fingers and the dances and horns blaring I was so relieved. I have not been so happy for a long time. Everyone should be so proud of themselves, cause I know I am so proud for all of the brave ones that did it, in spite of the fear of death!

Whatever happens, just dance and sing because there is no greater cure for anything.

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