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Wednesday, February 16, 2005 


or something like that, since just writing about the elections has lost its novelty value won't dedicate a whole post to it.

Ok so first 26.7%, that is a nice number. And delal's right it wasnt that much of a surprise I ean most were expecting something around 20-25% , although up and until then alot of ppl wanted to put it down as low as 10%.
Anyway this means the kurds will have a big role in the decision making, this guy (from before the war) thinks we're bad bargainers , so alot depends on these neogtiations.
But seriously these kurds on tv just cant wait to dance can they. Registration DANCE, vote DANCE, election result DANCE DANCE DANCE.
And whats even more weird is that most of us see this as some kind of vindication or justice for everything thats happened before, yeah just dancing.

And how come there hasn't been any outcry yet of ""fake elections", "forced democracy" or even the generic "israel made pit stops in iraq for a little election forging"
All we got was a little humor from the good old association of muslim butchers. Though u know what they're right maybe we should take those type of ppl into consideration.
Every 1st of April we can get some guy to show up on tv and say their little speech (the ones that go on about unity pride and other nonexistant qualities) then BAM boot comes out screen.

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Rafik Hariri

i have no idea why this assassination shocked me, i mean it has nothing to do with me. Maybe cos it was sudden and has it been a while since symbolic figures were killed outside Iraq.
And look at the degree of hate they used 350 kgs worth of explosives there
But whatever ppl may say about him he definitely did bring his country forward, he funded education poor students and did open up the market after the war. Plus he owned one of the few channels that were actually watchable (future tv)
ok just the one show.(Seera oo Infat7et). Whats even more shocking was that he was a muslim, it has been a long time since a muslim leader didn't serve for life and actually helped his people instead of hiding behind his religion.

And what's the press's obsession with "igniting civil wars" in countries in the middle east that just may have a future, Lebanon has had one hell of a civil war and they come a long way since it ended, I doubt anyone there wants to go back to those days.

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