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Friday, February 11, 2005 

worse than Delal's laugh!

Now we as Kurds are known for some rough, rigid sometimes even extreme so called proverbs, one of them says:
the one who trys to through heavy stones is harmless!
now, I WOULD imagine a stupid move by the Turkish army to south Kurdistan but I would never imagine that they would be looking for even a strategy to do it! The article in zaman.com.tr which is a headline refering to what is probably written as a side comment or a very far forecast for such an act by the Turks in the wall street journal (as i dont know how exactly is been discussed), the site says: "wall street journal says the Turkish force found in northerniraq facilitates Kirkuk intervention" is a huge bite which the Turks will never ever will be allowed to use their teeth for, unless they try to bite it using something else!
The dream of attacking Kirkuk or any move into it has been there since the reagion was mapped by the super-powers, I dont know what zaman.com.tr finds different from 2003, 1998-6-5-2-1, 1975, back to 1920?
Has Condi told them something that no one else but the Turkish gov heard it?
Are we all been betrayed by the 150K US and UK troops that they are commanded by the EU desperates? Did they come to the reagion to save the TL(Turkish Lira) from the hands of cheap tourists? or is there something completely different that I am not aware of at all?
i have to add this: i just read an article again on zaman.com.tr, the heading says "where do the Kurds make a mistake?" i thought we do have big flaws in our operating systems (given me a computer student) but the mistake was:
"leaving Kirkuk for the Kurds and Kurdistan to be independent at the moment is utopia. The Kurdish leaders by doing mistakes in calculations and for no reason should not become Turkish enemies and should not tighten manoeuvring areas"...I didnt know there is some change!

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