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Saturday, February 12, 2005 

aha yes professor assis that is the one!

I had written in the short post before that there is some change in the Turkish media views against us, as they are about to realise that what they easily call Northerniraq is on the edge of being one of the richest federal states in the world, if not the richest! and they are no longer opponent of the Mountain Turks(Turkish racist definition for Kurds) but they are opposing a federal state fully supported by neighbour Iraq, and US on the top!

YARD. DOÇ. DR. SEDAT LAÇİNER, one of the writers on zaman.com.tr explains how the Turkish gov must wipe out his policy towards Iraq and write a new one from scratch!
I think he has fair points, this time I do agree with his points even those who are anti-Kurdish as he is telling what i believe the most sensible points.

the most important hing for me was when he discusses how Turkey trys to insist that Iraq is NOT Arabic nad Kurdish but multicultural while insisting that Turkey is Turkish fully, and he comes to the conclusion that what he calls it the terrorist groups are making use of this point and try to tell Turkey that what about us?

The other thing he says is: since the 1st Gulf War they have been supporting the Turkomans through gov people and making lavish spenditure while they have made the least effect and those guys should depend on the local resources not from Turkey!and then he also says, this doesnt mean Turkey should leave the Turcommans but should play totally diffrerent from this policy!...so they are about to realise that Turcoman front is not even wanted by the Turcoman front, whehn he says: the Turcomans themselves must ask for what they think is right for them!
The other very interesting point he says is: "Turkey never had a clear policy against the Kurds there, while being against any kind of autonomy, federalism or any independence it has been the most effective factor for them to survive and strengthen economically and politically!"...thanks once again, all they know is just announce their grudge and hatred against us!
then the man who is (ULUSLARARASI STRATEJİK ARAŞTIRMALAR KURUMU BAŞKANI ) international strategic investigations foundation chairman, says:
"it is clear that Turkey is not doing business with Turkey given the 12k Turkish lorries providing US with cheap transport and also Incirlik base, while it made a big mistake by not helping US in the invasion it is trying to solve its problems (i.e PKK and Kirkuk similar) in front of the camers and in media"
...of course he as all of them never forget to mention the money that the Kurdish parties where making and still are making from Zakho-Khabur border!
are we doing real progress? I am not yet sure!

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