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Saturday, March 19, 2005 

Dear American Medias: do us a favor

Bush the Son said :

I send greetings to those celebrating Nowruz. Many Americans who trace their
heritage to Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Central Asia observe this special occasion to preserve their rich heritage and ensure that their values and traditions are passed on to future generations. This
festival also reminds all Americans of the diversity that has made our Nation
stronger (link)

Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Turkey !

I did my best to find Kurdistan word in his message, but I didnt find it. you know Newroz (means the new day) is a Kurdish celebration that been held from 2800 years ago by Kurds .
2800 years ago Median Empire(the Kurd ansectors) , rescued the Middle eastern nations Bobylian , Romans, Persians and...other nations celebrated Newroz in order to show their unity with Medes against the bad forces.

but Dear bush didnt dare to Name Kurdistan Word, because the Rajab (Turkish Prime minster) will be mad at him. mr Bush used the farsi pronunciation of Newroz (-->Nowruz)

I dont know are these Americans foolish or what ...
for example : if you watch the alxander movie, you will make sure that , the writer of that movie never even middle east, and never read a historic book and they spent millions of dolors without reading even "ONE" historic book.

now Mr Bush forgets to name Kurds , thank you .
I remeber when Bush went to Europe , thousands of the eurpean people protested against him but in Bulgum, thousands of the Kurds came to say welcome to the bush and thank him for the Iraq War, they asked bushto meet them directly for 1 minute ,so they can give the flower they made for him . but Bush refused to see them .

in the Halabja anniversary , the VOA (Voice of America) , showed a 20 seconds report about Halabja (after many coocked news about the future of palestine)
here is what they said
17 years ago the saddam that had weapons of mass destuction attacked to his own
peopel in norhtern iraq ...

this american Medias make me angrey...Using Northern Iraq Word is so offensive to the Kurds, and in that report they called Kurd's "the poepel of saddam" , and didnt even say the Kurd Word at all , in fact only the reason that they showed that report was "HEY DIDNT WE SAY THAT SADDAM HAS WEAPON ! HERE IT IS"

in that 20 seconds report, they showed some Kurdish Peshmegra that hold dead bodies of halabja and had a flag in hand but the camera never even showed the flag, (it was Kurdistan flag in the hand of peshmergas) but in the 7 min report of Palestine they showed Palestine Flag in Honor several times...

sometimes I get angrey at media's for ignoring Kurds, but now I prefer they not make any news about us , they just hurt us and offend to us .
I sent this e-mail to VOA NEWS : (you can do the same)

Dear VOA (Voice Of America)
if you are gonna use "Northern Iraq" word
instead of "Kurdistan" word , and hurt Kurds and offend to them , pealse do us a
favor, there is no need to make any news about Kurdistan , go and make some news
about how cool Turkey is or how poor these palestininas are .
and then you
can send happy newroz to Turks and Arabs and Persians but not Kurds .

Best Regards
Kurdistan Bloggers Union

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