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Wednesday, March 16, 2005 

May you rest in peace

I still think the best tribute to the ppl of halabja is this song, its haunting but its very honest.

Of course surprise no real mention of the anniversary today in the news. People still hold memorials for the titanic or world war II yet something this recent and ugly fails
Here are some articles I did find
Why I cant be iraqi again
Other articles mention it in passing like a "by the way" comment
However somewhere in this story about Italy's pullout there's a mention of U.K. MP's and cherie blair commemorating the attacks on halabja
And i found this story which seemed so out of place: Baptists pray for kurds (among other people)

And God forbid talking about saddams weapons and support, else immediate shafting by people who still think whatever country/group of people they belong to and/or think I'm attacking is ruled by those with halo shaped formations on their heads and spread little pockets of loves that they carry in fluffy backpacks on their wings. Simple if you're too slow to understand the impact of 180,000 people within a space of 10 months and the birth defects and in the aftermath just "cos movies/tv don't tell u too" then ure pretty much beyond help.

Another thing that has been pissing me off royally, is the way they've made this whole disagreement over iraqs parliament kurds fault.
Excuse you? I'm watching the news and thinking when have the started defending the shia? Weren't these the ppl lambasted by the press for forcing islamic ideals on the heaven of secularism that was Saddam
Of course they haven't started liking the Shia its just a case of whom they hate less
Why is everything to do with kurds a threat. I mean the new Iraq refers to the countries that celebrate and fund the murder of its civilians as brothers and welcoming criminals and ex-baathists into the political process yet the word kurd is very threatening even though the "kurdish region" has shown to be the most stable after the war.

So I checked the main points that's "threatening" everyone

1. 25% of the nations income should go to the kurdish regions:

Why not rephrase that, the rest of iraq wanting half of "kurdish regions" oil. I mean 50% of iraqs oil is from there. Of course double standards don't exist in their opinion

2. The Iraqi Army has no right to enter the Kurdish areas without permission from the regional government:

Well judging by how easily the iraqi army or police are infiltrated by baathists/terrorist who have no qualms about killing ppl they work with what exactly is stopping them from doing anything to us.
don't belief me watch this video from Iraqi tv (with subtitles) about a policeman who joined terrorists in raping and killing women (oh yes for God of course which makes it ok).
Love the bit where the interrogator tells him "inta ghabee wala titghaba" (are you stupid or are u just pretending). Ah the number of ppl who fall under that criteria

3. The Peshmarga remain under command of the Kurdistan regional government
Or in some case considered militia, like the anals there have suddenly decided that a group of people who have fought criminal regimes for freedom could be put in same level as those dingy terrorists who loot,rape and behead because they think there's a place in heaven for them, and their only idea of freedom is about orgasming to some bearded jihadi

And another thing if there were no peshmerga (those who face death) there would be no kurds, even when sadam and his predecessors had worldwide support they rarely ever
attacked face to face.. Like now they attacked during ceasefires and in hiding like sending over exploding mullahs and later bombing from air.

And please what is the alternative to the peshmerga? the iraqi army... yeah we can see how well they've done with the rest of iraq.
All those poor young men slaughtered daily and no one can defend them.

4. Kirkuk:
So a few ruthless arabs turks and cocktails of other nationalities won't get some oil. Boo bloody hoo
There was a rumor a while back that the oil in kirkuk was drying up. I swear to God once that happens they should make a celebration
What the big deal we never saw a dime of that oil and at least it would get these greedy criminals of our back. I used to hate that story we took in school called "the pearl"
I didn't see why the author was so harsh on the main character he found this treasure that would have made all his simple dreams come true but instead it kept making his life worse. Well kirkuk is pretty much along the same lines.
Because of the oil, a once cosmopolitan rich city was turned into a dump almost a third its original size.

Strange how all these interim governments have not yet reversed any of saddams laws yet. While they have no problems reversing laws that happened before saddams time... (such as laws regarding women's rights)
No question at all about how a city 21,000 sq km was reduced to 9,000 sq km and of course no question as to why there are still people living in a stadium with no support while those ppl who've taken their homes have opened it up to criminals, ex-baathists and foreign-fighters

With a mentality like that you can figure how saddam came about.

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