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Friday, March 18, 2005 

Copy of my latest post on my blog..

Name Change
Been thinking of changing the name of my blog to be honest.....Thanks to a few of the great religious politicans that we have in Iraq and their followers... the Kurds are being treated worse than in the days of Saddam......I felt Iraqi after the fall of Saddam... finally proud of it but its not the same anymore.... now its a repeat of having to defend my people on a daily basis to ignorant people who don't even realise the history of the Kurdish nation, don't understand the creation of the actual state of Iraq....

Ethnic cleansing is a crime that needs to be reversed... it shouldn't only be the Kurds who are demanding this but every decent human being whose Iraqi and has a heart should understand...Yesterday was the anniversary of Halabjah and then some Arabs still ask why do Kurds want so much........Wanting to be governed by our own policemen...? So that a repeat of the last god knows how many years doesn't have....Kirkuk being a part of the province of Kurdistan? why is that a big deal?

There is 25 million plus Kurdish people who have no country of their own.... there are more than 20 arabic countries and counting yet when it comes to any sort of benefits that Kurds may get its like ur talking about doomsday.... Grow up get educated read history and goto Kirkuk and find out in person why the city is Kurdish .......I don't start getting angry when people say Baghdad is the heart of the Arabic world or its an Arabic city... cause thats true... even though almost a million Kurds moved there does not make it a Kurdish city.......The politicans treat Kurdish politicans like idiots..... I

thought the new government would be different but they are even worse when it comes to respecting our rights....Rumours of Kurds mistreating Christians when 3 of the people on the Kurdish list are Christian Arabs....... so I don't know how many Christians were on the Sistani/Chalabi/Hakim list.....I really had such high hopes buy people's lack of knowledge and intelligence and thinking about things from the other side have made me realise that as always Kurds who live in Northern Iraq are treated as though they are lucky to be part of Iraq........

How many suicide bombings have been done by Kurdish separitists in Iraq?How much crime and looting goes on in the kurdish areas?If you want to talk about we are all IRAQIS then lets please treat them all as IRAQISnot make rules for certain things and break them for others..........I am a strong believer that the people of the marshes in the south deserve compensation and that the environmental damage has to be reversed but the concept of ethnic cleansing is always immune to those that perform it .......... I swear some Iraqis are more obssessed with Palestinian's getting their rights than Kurds so how should that make any Kurd feel? I am either marrying a Kurdish woman or a Westerner who understands Kurdish suffering and history........ No relevance ... just random thought....

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