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Wednesday, March 23, 2005 

New Bloggers & Kurd Blogger Finalist in photobloggies

New Kurdistan Bloggers

Uncalculated Thoughts , a 22 years old boy from iranian kurdistan ,studying in usa.
iraqi kurdistan , it seems that he is a a proffessor
Perile , he/she writes in english/kurdish/farsi and another language that I didnt undrestand .

Kurd Finalist in the photobloggies

This year in the biggest photoblog award contest, "photobloggies" we see a Kurd Photographer , Medya , the "focused on the unfocused photoblog" is among the finalist nominees for the best Africian/Middle eastern photoblog , now peopel should choose the best photoblog among these finalists , go here and scroll down and in the africian/middle eastern photoblogs and vote for http://www.fonf.medyadaily.com/ (or any other that you like) you can vote until 28 march ,the results will be announced in 30 march . (dont forget to check your mail after voting )

Turkish Democrasy blog updated , as he/she says, the Turkey government has scared from attendence of millions of the Kurds in the newroz celebration, turkish governments scares that Kurds still remeber their being kurd.
the Nationalist Turks are finiding/making a reason to stop millions of the Kurds celebrating newroz read more about it in Turkish Democrasy blog ,
so finally we found a blogger from northern kurdistan , please encourage him/her by your comments , and link to him/her.

northern iraq's skin been changed.

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