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Sunday, March 20, 2005 

Happy Newroz

Happy new year to everybody , to Kurd to Persian to everybody .
by the kurdish calender this year is 2705 ,happy newroz and newyear to all of you bloggers and blog readers .last year was a good year for Kurdistan bloggers, last year more than 25 Kurd blogs in English started to blog , and had a great rule in sending Kurd Voice to the world , and sharing our feeling with the world .we hope next year we have more bloggers in our Kurdistan bloggers list (in english ) .

Google has made a Logo for newroz in Farsi Section of google but I checked Kurdish google
there was no sign of Newroz . here is the URL address of google logo :

No media says good thing about Kurds, if one kurd do a mistake in one place all of the Medias will cover that Mistake the funny thing is when the Kurds do bad things they dont use northern iraq or Iraqi word...

a Kurd from Kurdistan in Britian attacked to a man and kicked him so bad,
this kurd refuge from Kurdistan ..

a Kurd man slapped his sister for felling in love ...

a Kurd from Kurdistan strealed a choclote in Texas.

if just one kurd do a mistake every media covers it, and they forget to use norhtern iraq or iraqi word in the bad news...they use Kurd and Kurdistan.

I am sick of this....Dear google I didnt expect you !
you were the first western site that added Kurdish language , while Turkey arrested Microsoft Employee for having Kurd word in their dictionary ., you added Kurdish language to google
we see after google reconginzed kurdish language in their search engine , many other companies did the same , if google reconginze newroz for the next year , many other will do the same too.

Dear google Newroz is a Kurdish Celebration too. you broke our hearts
Please go here and contact google and tell them , they broke our hearts. (please be polite to them I am sure google will put Newroz logo to Kurdish section if they know it is kurdish...)
if somebody is in USA that would be great to send them a fax and tell them about that .
Google phone: (650) 623-4000
Google fax: (650) 618-1499

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