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Sunday, March 27, 2005 

KBU Review

  • Blender has desinged a new template , and put a very funny picture called "Mullah Lisa" !

  • as we expected Turkish hackers hacked to our site too , recently Turks have hacked more than 300 Kurdish sites, (no matter what those sites are about...they just hack them one after another read more about this here)

  • yesterday was Zoroaster's birthday (the first monotheistic prophet -who was kurd-) it was also Purim Celebration for Jews, I on the behalf of the KBU , say happy Purim to all who celebrate it ,specialy our Jew Kurd Blogger , emmunah.
    aslo happy easter day to the peopel of Southern Canada , Northern Ireland and everybody who celebrates it.

  • northern iraq forum was re-installed again, and everything is ok now Xweshka(sister) emmunah has started an intresting discussion here and expects you to go there and say jokes for her , this can be a nice Purim Gift for her.

  • The Turkish Democrasy blog has bad news, Turks has arrested some 10-12 years old boys for insulting to the Turkish Flag, it been said that thousands of the Turks did protest against thsese Young Kurd Boys, acording to the Human Right Watch , torturing is so normal routine in turkish prisons , we really worry about thsee small boys that been captured Turks. (just some month ago uger kaymaz a 12 years old kurd boy was killed by 4 turkish police .)

  • Southern Canada Today news site has a something about Iraqi bloggers full of links to their blogs, as always they forgot to mention 1 Kurd blogger among 31 Kurd bloggers .
    thank you. (do you ask yourself what is Southern Canada term? well you better ask yourself what is norhtern iraq term? )

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