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Wednesday, April 06, 2005 

Election result reactions

Ok so I still can't view Kurdsat online so can't get photos, next best thing check what other people think about it.

Another case of look at how iraqis view the world and compare that to people who have nothing to do with the country. Some really seem to be milking the puppet, america, israel card

I'll use BBC's have your say section, though to be frank the contribution to the arabic ones are becoming much better than the english ones

Here are a few ones from the english ones:

I think Talabani will do a good job as president. PUK areas of Iraq are deeply supportive of human rights and personal freedoms. Talabani will give good direction to this emerging nation.
Jeff, Sulymanya, Iraq

A pragmatic, wise, moderate and a Kurd with love for life! I wish them good life and they always will remember the people whom have made it possible.
Saeed Naeini, Phoenix AZ, USA

I am so happy that we finally have a legitimate government elected by the people, for the people and accountable to the people. This is the face of the Iraqi people to the whole world.
Nuad, Iraq

and check out these people:
A US policy of "divide and conquer". The ground is being laid for possible creation of "Kurdistan".
James, USA

It is shameful that the puppet parliament installed by the Americans chose a non-Arab to be president of an Arab country. But I am happy, as it will only hasten the demise of this un-Islamic political system.
Mahmoud abu Bakr, Dijon, France

read more here

translated from BBC Arabic:

It is another victory for peace and brotherhood and another defeat to the powers of evil. The kurds today have shown a level of iraqiness that no one can top,the shia have shown that they are unopressive and forgiving, even though they won most of the
votes they ensured the inclusion of all other parties and the sunnis have shown that they respect democracy and whoever is elected leader. All the other ethnicities are welcoming of any leader that can safely take them to security. So congratulations to Iraq.
Harith Hisham, Iraq

From this day on, the election ballots elect the leaders and politicians not the other way around. Democracy is what distributed the govermental positions and it didn't neglect anybody and this is what encourages unity in Iraq. The new iraq will be an emblem of freedom
and democracy that the rest of the Middle east will aspre to. Congratulation to the Iraqi President Doctor Jalal Talabin and both his deputies.
Nowroz, Iraq

Congratulations to all iraq, how amazing you are after years of opression we still find democracy in you, I can't hold back my tears. Congratulations to arabs, kurds and all the ethnicities in our great Iraq. I swear the Iraqi people
deserve to have Mam Jalal as a president and finallly congratulations to us for our democracy and hopfully the other neighbours would follow

Its the peak of ridicule that the americans can come and Occupy you Iraqi with these types people who have no link to arabism. Most of them have spent most of their lives in the USA an couldn't wait for their country to be occupied just so they can get impportant positions
in their country. During Saddams time all Iraqis were blessed with security that they have all lost now. Everyday we hear stories about occupying soldiers and their iraqi traitors breaking into peoples houses for the excuse of searching for terrorists. What a joke and what follows is worse
Muhammed, Syria

Oh Uncle jalal, as our family in kurdistan like to call you, congratulations to you and us for this great achievement. May God bless you the sons of Iraq and all
of us our behind you, whether inside iraq or outside.
Ali, Sydney Australia

Congratulation Iraq, and we hope the enemies of Iraq will finally wake up to the glaring truth. If a nation wanted life, then destiny will always anwer
Jabbar Khalaf Issawi

Congratlations Israel on the the election of your collaborator as a president of Iraq. Lets wait for when the Israeli embassy will oppen up there
Majed, Baghdad

A page has turned and another has opened after the first ever elected president after the dissapearnace of election ballots for years. Jalal Talibani has fought against the
the baathist dicctatorship, and the kurds have suffered from torture and deportation. Its about time this man would rule Iraq for he is a son of Iraq. SO congratulations to them
for this decision and I hope ballot boxes would pass through all other arabic countries.
Marwan Tamimi, Melbourne, Australia

I hope that this can be the beggining of good or iraq and the entire middle east. I congratulate all Iraqis from the different backgrounds on this accasion and I hope
that we in Syria would one day see a dignified life and true democracy. Tahnk you USA and UK for what removing the previous repressive regime in Iraq and I hope you can continue you're pressuring
Syria for freeing its people.
Jano Mamoo, Halab,Syria

Congratulation to us, Our beloved kurds deserve this position. They have had a great role resisting repression and crime from saddam and baathists. I am a Shiaa arab and I am proud to have Jalal as my president
The news is speaking of putting a tv in front of saddam to watch the first election of iraqs president. Yes the people and personalities who fought saddam are more suitable to rule Iraq for we don't trust other
So congratulation to the victims of Anfal, Halabja and the mass graves and whomever saddam killed in his jails and courts.
Today Talabani is the president of Iraq and he is someone who saddam issued many execution orders to
Mohammed Khafajee, Al-Hilla , Iraq

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