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Saturday, April 09, 2005 


Ok as u are aware there have been a few posts on and off this site all day(oh look there goes another one). Lucky me ended u being stuck at home all day attempting to work so this was a great distraction.

The main topic here centered around "how kurdish are you" like there's some yard-stick out there that can the measure level of kurdishness... not sure what it's based on, a flat head that can be measured against a ruler maybe, eating enough dolma, owning lethally pointy shoes? (just the men mind you) or having a certain set of opinions.

Point is no one has a right to accuse someone of not having the correct amount of kurd juice, its no different from its religious or other nationalistic counterparts
Plus the point of having a group of bloggers here is to get various different opinions around one topic. It's ok to read something here that u do not agree with cos' at the end of the day its just their own opinion on the topic.

And to demonstrate I will squeeze in one of my own opinions here, I am a kurd and I'm glad as hell that talabani is the president of Iraq and that iraqis are more than happy to have him as so, that in itself is a huge step for kurd. Especially for people say from my parents generation where nowroz would be outlawed every now and again or the 80s where we had many declarations of "no kurds after today" or how most of us were forced to leave our country. Of course it would be great to have a country of your own but these things come a bit at a time. But for now savour the moment a kurd is the leader of Iraq and one our many murderers was caught in a humiliating fashion and is now in jail awaiting trial.

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