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Sunday, April 17, 2005 

Opinions Please

There are bigger problems in the world, but i thought i'll go through with this anyway just to get a bunch of opinions regarding this topic

To those of you registered to wilat.com (well um.. yeah i register to anything that links KBU.. i am that curious and i do have that much free time, good site though)

Anyway so yeah wilat sent out an email a while back entitled "A letter from a Kurdish Uni Student"
A similiar email was sent out by the same student earlier asking for help setting up a kurdish stall at University's International day mentioned here on medyas blog. Saying that he really need alot of help because its taken him 3 years for the Uni to allow him to represent Kurdistan

Anyway i'll summarise the second letter, point is the Uni cancelled the idea of a stall again, as they've been doing this for the past 3 years and this after they managed to get dancers and a fashion show to come over and got loads of stuff from generous doners. Rude really
Usually they use different reasons each year, mostly stuff like sensitivities to arab and turkish students but this year they stated that since officially kurdistan is not a country it can not be represented as such

The problem is that they've used a water-proof reason, yeah we don't have a country. But wasn't the idea of an international day a chance to represent different cultures? And how else do u classify a group of ppl whose culture, music,clothes, beliefs etc.. don't fall under those of other countries
It sounds really lame to be arguing over a silly stall at some international day. But that's exactly whats annoying about it. Can people actually nitpick on somehting so simple anyway? are there laws against it? Wouldn't it be considered some sort of discrimination
How else can regular kurds represent their nation if something as simple as that causes controversy within a university. And this in a western country

So point is what is everyones opinion on something like this? Is it like that in other Universities? And whats the best way to go about it, and no please nothing to do with spamming the uni as it only makes us look bad

thank you all for your help, here are a few links that should help
Here is the International Student Association
Here is their forum

Here are the Kurdistan regional government representatives homepage (note of advice good luck trying to get a reply)
and I've posted the letter here

And to those willing to go the extra mile, apparently this can be considered a human rights violation (woohay finally human rights could have a point) here is the Foreign Offices Human rights contact page

There is also a kurdish cultural center in London but the email apparently is old and looks like they haven't updated since 1998

Anyway whichever way you go about it i think its important to get it across politely cos it makes our message clearer and has a more positive effect plus offensive emails could spoil it for everyone else

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