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Thursday, April 14, 2005 

Turkey kills 21 PKK member

after recent racist attack by Turkish people -to the Kurdish students and killing some of them, the tension between Kurd and turkey is raising , now the Turkish government also kills 21 member of P.K.K . -it s the highest number of PKK members been killed in a clash since 5 years ago-

Turks president despite that America wanted him not to visit Syria , he "do" visits Syria - and also he "do" asks "Dear" USA to fight with P.K.K in so called "northern Iraq"

shame on Medias of the world (+Blogs), they are still focusing on DEAR POOR Palestine .... even the southern Kurds (Iraqi Kurds) are still cheering for their new Iraqi president and don't want to destroy their celebration for their brothers in Turkish occupied kurdistan.
(anyobody knows why Kurd Sat and Kurdistan TV never covers news about other parts of kurdistan?)

+ Today was the anniversary of the Anfal genocide. in which 182 000 Kurds been killed by saddam .

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