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Sunday, May 01, 2005 

Shifting Tactics

They're done attacking Soldiers, Police Offices, Politicians, Businessmen, aid workers, students, the educated, women, children, and the elderly

So where to go from there.. of course attack the dead and their mourners

Twenty killed in attack on Kurds

Honestly do the brain-dead that still call this "resistance" have no shred of diginty or concept of humanity.... shamelessly disgusting

They've started this tactic against the shiaas and working their ways through all other non-salafists in the country

Oh and btw remember that Madaen issue the one where everyone declared as a fake. Well (and if roller doesn't mind me borrowing his link). Kerbala news have published the names and images of the bodies found.

The page starts with the heading :

- After denial from the sunni minority starting with the association of muslim scholars
- And after a widespread media blackout to hide the acts of the criminal Salafists
- The facts have come out and the crime that they tried hiding so well has come out

The text just before the images says : What would the sunnis have done to us if weren't the majority

This does make sense, the shiites are 60% of Iraq and hold most of the seats in Government, how come they back down so easily against wahhabists. Why are they so lean and easy on them and never dare attack back
And seriously the generic answer "but that will lead to civil war" doesn't work here, unless they're trying to assume that all sunnis are represented by wahhabists.
Seriously like we can't touch these criminals just because they happen to fal under sunni muslims.. how much do u wanna bet if they were of any other origin how fast they would be cracking down on them
This "civil war" mantra is beggining to just sound like a flimsy excuse used by the pro-baath pro-terrorists crowd

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